1.18.14 The Character “Me”


The Character “Me”

Once upon a time, I was brave. I wasn’t afraid of failure…or success…and now find that at times I am afraid of both. If I fail, I let me down, and if I succeed, I have a greater capacity to let others down. I’m not a pessimist, (not a realist either). Believe it or not, I am an optimist who wants so desperately to believe in the “happily-ever-after” that I sometimes forget that first, a good story (sadly, even my own) needs conflict. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “damsel in distress” more like a girl who dropped her book and can’t find what page she’s on. And sometimes, just when I’m sure I’ve found my place, life seems to disagree entirely with not only my chosen page, but chapter.

The good news is, time has shown me that regardless of the plot-twists life throws my way, I am not some pre-written character, trapped between pages. I am the author of my own destiny and thus, I may become as brave as I choose to be. Sometimes finding yourself lost is really where the epic adventure begins. In all great stories characters grow; they are shaped and defined by not only their circumstances, but their responses to them. I think all of us need to be encouraged by that very possibility–that we are stronger than we were at our beginning, and are undeniably on our way to becoming a better version of ourselves than originally written.

And so lost, or found, spinning in circles or moving on…I choose to embrace the possibility that right now, in this chapter, on this page–I’m exactly who I am supposed to be.

Literarily yours,

Elle Harris

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