1.21.14 Mama Said


Mama Said

     “Mama said there’d be days like this…” a quote and a song accepted by the masses–but are any of us really prepared for the “days like this” that come? Really? I know I’m not. Days, “like this,” I am sad to say, come to me more often than I’d like to admit or live through! A woman named Jennifer Yane put it brilliantly when she said, “I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” I hear you Jenny! In my case, I sometimes feel that several weeks worth of work, worry, stress or mess have, in fact, buried me whole!

     I often find myself clawing my way out of things like:

laundry…(now wrinkled and sitting in a basket so long it could be washed again)

correcting…(I swear I could be a full-time teacher and never even have time to see a kid)

cleaning…(am I the ONLY one who can fold a blanket?)

electronic issues…(internet down, internet slow, internet fine but I’m down or slow)

house maintenance…(what is that growing on the side of the wall?)

car trouble…(is it bad when your brakes sound like snowplows?)

exercise…(you want me to bend where?)

memory problems…(why did I come in this room again?)

dog-training… (in or out–for real this time!)

kid-training… (don’t even look at each other)

husband-training…(no I don’t want to plan date night myself)

self-training…(I am not, cannot, and will never be Superwoman!)

   So mama said, there would in-fact, be days like this; we WERE warned. I just wish that mothers weren’t always so right. Here is hoping your day was NOT what mama predicted.

Literarily yours,





7 thoughts on “1.21.14 Mama Said

  1. I am so entirely happy you posted this today. I have been feeling that my days have been “like this” for a while. it seems to be that the stress of the outside world and others really clutter our minds into seeing a clear path. sometimes it seems so hard to just take a step back and breathe. I’m hoping your days to follow are much sweeter and carefree 🙂

  2. Hello Elle, News flash, Mama said thered be days like this, because Mama herself had days like this!!! haha Your blog is the best, had a great laugh this morning. Thanks for beginning my day so cheerfully.

  3. Dear Raquel, Congratulations on your first book publication. What an important achievement! Your dad wrote to me to tell me all about your accomplishment. Here’s my hope and prayer for you: may you enjoy a long, deep, and illustrious writing career filled with wonder, creativity, surprise and affirmation! All God’s best to you and Matthew. Pastor Lee

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