1.25.14 Nearly, Just About To & Almost


Nearly, Just About To & Almost

So today I was at a birthday party for a little girl in my son’s class. For a bunch of six-year-olds, things went quite smoothly. There was plenty of running around, mind you, but all was well until (during cake) this little guy started singing a very inappropriate song. If I am to give him any credit, I must admit he was a creative rhymer, but aside from that, it was offensive. Most parents were too busy talking to one another to even check-in or register that something was going on, but one mother’s widened-eyes caught my own and we raised our eyebrows simultaneously.

I was trying not to be that mom; I was trying to wait for the song to just end,  but when it did, he started another. The little lyricist began a new jam that was even worse than the first! Here’s where I stepped in, looked at the boy (and his entourage of gigglers) and told them it was not nice to sing such songs and he should pick a new tune. The fellow eye-raising mother was near me and whispered, “I was just about to say something,” and that got me thinking how often we all fall back on words like, “just about to,” or “nearly, or “almost.”

These words are the absolute epitome of vindicating ourselves from any real form of accountability and THAT is what this world is now sorely lacking. Whether it is kids at a party that we choose to ignore as opposed to confront, estranged family members we stopped trying to get through to or our own resolutions and goals we’ve set aside, we have become a nation of “letting it go.”

Arnold Glasgow once said, “Make your life a mission – not an intermission.” I love this, because it calls for action. We talk and we anticipate and we plan what we will do, which becomes what we might do, and later turns into, maybe someday. And “someday,” is the most dangerous word of all because I think, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all know that someday has a tendency not to come.

So I guess, in a way, I’m asking you to be brave…to confront and not conform, to point out and not pretend, to be truthful, even if it might not always be the most comfortable choice for you. We owe it to ourselves, but more to those we care about to stop enabling and start empowering–to hold this life to the standard for which it was meant to be lived. No more nearly or just about to, no more almost…only action.

Literarily yours,


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