1.30.14 Falling In Love & Being In Love


Falling in Love & Being in Love
So … I am coming up on my ten-year wedding anniversary! I began dating my husband over twelve-years ago, and though time (knowing no other way to travel) truly flies…I still think this is an incredibly long time to be with someone. A hopelessly, hopeless-romantic at heart, I cannot say that I have made things easy on him. As an avid reader of romantic stories, viewer of romantic movies and observer of romantic holidays, my poor husband never really had a chance. I know that my views are often idealized in respect to love, but I am not sure that my, white-knight, sweep-me-off-my-feet version of what should be will ever fade.
Some of you might think this is unfair of me, (I’m certain my husband does) but I would argue that it isn’t unfair…it’s optimistic. I hold myself accountable too! In my mind I imagine I will be this adorable, desirable version of myself when he gets home and that we will talk until the sun comes up like we did once upon our time. Unfortunately, this is my fantasy, and we don’t exactly live there. Reality sadly comes from the root word “real,” and that little idealized picture of myself isn’t completely in focus. It’s hard to give 100% of yourself when you’ve already given it away to the other people in your day that demand it from you.
Often times I think this is why people break-up. They see exhaustion as a lack of interest; I know I have. But when I’m being practical (which I rarely am, so take note!) I think that viewpoint is the dramatic one. Love isn’t lost, or lazy, its just been given a strong dose of life to go with it. People like to quote the passage, “Love never fails,” at one another, but nowhere does it say, “love never changes.” Someone very wise once told me that there is a difference between falling in love and being in love. And he was right. Falling may have been the more dramatic, rising-action portion of our story, but being in love brings resolve. And so, to the one I love, I choose to continue loving you…because the greatest love story of all time is the one I get to live.
Literarily yours,

3 thoughts on “1.30.14 Falling In Love & Being In Love

  1. Totally agree. Love is hard, especially with so many distractions in life. Kids, work, house, chores, family, friends……
    I think it is important to take a little trip, little getaway, a little vacation just you and hubby to reconnect as two. The way you first started so you don’t completely loose track of each other along the journey of life.

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