5.14.14 Anything But Normal


Sometimes I am absolutely heartbroken by the students I have who lack motivation.  Not in the, “I’m a teenager and I wish I was sleeping instead of being at school” kids, but the real unmotivated ones – the ones who tell me that they don’t know what they want to do other than make lots of money.  I feel like screaming at them, “Money’s not the point dear!  Life is!”  Though a well known statistic, it still blows my mind to think that most people spend a third of their lives at work.  A third!  If you live to ninety that’s thirty WHOLE years!  And if that’s true, how can you not care what you end up doing?  

There is a great quote from the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland that says, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” And I feel like that’s what we do sometimes.  We wander.  We wait.  We wade around in our thoughts and our maybes until we look up and realize we’ve just walked in a complete circle without really having gone anywhere!  I’m not saying we need to have it all figured out, Lord knows I don’t, but we do need to acknowledge that the best place to start is here, and the best time to start is now.  Nothing comes from nothing and you were created to do something!  

Personally, I have enough dreams and ambitions to last me at least three lifetimes.  I’m a little extreme and scattered at times; the roads that I choose to take have many brambles and branches to trip over and slow me down, but I never stop moving.  We can’t grow up and give up and expect to be happy.  Dreams change, but don’t extinguish.  I think sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with the, “How will I get there” questions, and forget completely about faith.  Recording artist Beck once said, “The limitations are limitless,” and they are.  There is never an easy way to get to a place worth going, but if you don’t have the drive to carry on, then the destination won’t be worth a thing when you arrive.

In a recent conversation with my students I reminded them that believing in themselves was the first step toward any ambitions they possessed, and that if they didn’t, they already failed.  You can’t doubt what you’re capable of and then turn around and expect someone else to believe.  Why waste their time if you don’t think you’re worth it.  I don’t say this to be mean, but motivating.  Trust me, I too struggle with self-doubt and “Am I good enough?” moments … who doesn’t.  But you’re only ever going to be able to answer those questions yourself.  No one can prove what you’re capable of but you.

Above and beyond all else, whatever you choose to be or pursue, be anything but normal.  Don’t accept the average state-of-being instead of living.  Like Josie Bisset said, “Dreams come in a size too big so that we may grow into them.” So spread your arms out wide, embrace the world, accept your imaginings … and begin.

Literarily yours,




2 thoughts on “5.14.14 Anything But Normal

  1. Truly ONE of your best! Spot on! You have a gift, thank you for sharing what you have been given with us!
    “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” -Luke 12:48

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