7.24.14 Facebook & Pintrest


Okay, so let me just throw out the disclaimer that I DO like Facebook and Pintrest in their own right.  To be honest … I LOVE seeing pictures that inspire me, friends I haven’t reached out to in awhile and the joys of life that bring us all together.  I have used this social media and idea boards to plan parties, connect with family and re-awaken some brainstorms long dormant; these are good things.  But man, I think it is safe to say some of these elements are lost by the overwhelming posts and pop-ups I just didn’t see coming.  Sad to say, my admiration for these sources has waned somewhat heavily for the following reasons.  This is a bit of a digital rant … so if you aren’t in a rant-y mood, this post may not be for you!

Facebook first … F does come before P after all – I am an English teacher at heart!  When Facebook first exploded on the scene I thought, “Cool, a way to stay in touch with those who’ve slipped out-of-touch.” But then – (here it comes)  it turned into a digital brag board!  There was a quote I read that said, “Facebook is a social media site, not a diary!”  Too true!  Here is a small (or not so small) list of the things I now know from Facebook that I really could have lived without.

1. How much and how long everyone runs (ugh, it’s called an exercise journal)
2. Who is getting along with their husband/wife and who isn’t (be nice to each other)
3. Those obsessed with “selfies” (to the point of narcissism)
4. Exactly how many weeks everyone is pregnant (just the high points please)
5. Who is too into Candy Crush (sorry, but no … I won’t play it)
6. What people are cooking for dinner (which only reminds me what I’m not cooking for dinner … thanks)
7. Who is on Facebook too much (just – wow)
8. What people’s hobbies are (never would have guessed some of them, wish I wouldn’t have known others)
9. How grumpy some people can be (post something happy people!)
10. How messed up some adds can be (why on earth would 4.0 technology assume I’d be interested in sales on kitchen-ware … they’re obviously tracking me wrong)

Pintrest, on the other hand, is a whole different source of things I wish I didn’t realize, mostly because they make me feel very underwhelming and unaccomplished!  A quote from the hilarious brand “yourecards” said, “You want productive? I just spent the last six hours on Pintrest and now I will complete an entire day’s worth of work in the remaining two hours.”  Funny, but that site does rope you in.  Personally, I go onto it about once a month just to make sure that the following things are still true.

1. Being able to “pin” something artsy does not make me (or many people as far as I can tell) an artist
2. According to the people I “follow” everyone is either: A) remodeling, B) dieting, C) part of a regimented new work out, D) having a themed party or E) planning to buy an entirely new wardrobe ASAP
3. I am not as “crafty, original, artsy” or “cool” as I thought I was
4. Maybe projects can be airbrushed like models on magazine covers because I’m pretty sure some of these things aren’t possible
5. There are more recipes than I could ever, would ever (or would never in my case) want to try
6. Many of my students are planning their weddings at 13 (it’s all they “pin” about)
7. My favorite pins are still the “nailed it” examples of what went horribly wrong (Is that evil that those are my favorite?)
8. As cultured as I like to think I am, there are always pictures of places I’ve never heard of and am pretty sure might not exist
9. I love, but cannot afford, any of the “outfit suggestion” montages all of my friends compile
 10. I have grown to fear “pinning” as I think others might then be mislead into thinking I am actually capable of creating said “pins”

Okay … so … that’s it!  I feel better!  Anyone else have anything to add?

Have a happy digital (or in my case, not-so-digital day),


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