7.28.14 Runaway Thoughts


I read a quote recently that, though I don’t know the author of, stuck with me.  It said, “I want to sleep but my brain won’t stop talking to itself.”  This happens to me a lot.  Well–if not a lot, then in long-ish spurts.  I just so happen to be in a spurt.  It is not the end of summer (I refuse to even think the blasphemous thought) but I will admit that it is no longer the beginning.  Unfortunately, in this medium time, my over-tick-tock of a brain begins to register that school will, inevitably, come again, and I had better start planning.

I swear even the merest permission to think about planning and my mind goes into overdrive, apparently afraid that I might renegotiate at any time and so it had better think its thoughts in a blurry rush all at once.  When this happens, sleep is tough.  I cannot complain because usually sleep is not an issue for me.  I am a hit-the-pillow and dreaming sort of girl, but when the dance of thoughts commence, it’s not even worth it.  

A.A. Milne’s brilliant character Winnie the Pooh relieved me that I’m not alone in my “thoughtful trances,” when he said, “Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?” Over-thinking is a hazard, in my opinion.  It never breeds rest, or peace or anything else synonymous with accomplishment.  When I over-think, it quickly transforms to over-analyze, and then over-criticize, and then over-obsess about practically nothing which has turned into a real something by the time I finally pass out from exhaustion!  

Well, I don’t believe in bringing up problems without solutions so here are three things I do to cure Midnight Runaway Thought Syndrome, *MRTS* (if it isn’t a “thing” I’m making it one).

1. Get Some Paper and a Pen:  Just being in close proximity to a scratch pad to jot down that nagging thought that won’t let me lie helps a ton!
2. Read: I prefer fiction, but probably the duller the better.  NEVER read the news before bed … ghastly nightmares are stuck in those pages.
3. (AND THIS ONE’S MY FAVORITE) Watch Old Movies: Yup … not just any movies, old movies–the kind where people actually had to know how to act and dance and sing and have, well – talent!  Last night was a Doris Day film called, “Move Over Darling” and the night before was “Brewster’s Millions” if you’re interested!  Both two thumbs up in my opinion. (I do realize I’m a nerd … turns out I’m okay with it.)

If you don’t believe me, try it.  I’m going bleary-eyed now so in about an hour I’ll either, A) fall face-first into bed and only wake up when my darlings make me or, B) experience more of MRTS, and watch something with Cary Grant (Is it weird to have a celebrity crush that’s from my grandmother’s era? Oh well!).  So … sweet dreams, and if not, well, you’re not alone.

Literarily yours,


2 thoughts on “7.28.14 Runaway Thoughts

  1. I know it’s mid-summer when the chores I give my kids, to help me out, are in need of me… (dishwasher…bath tub…which has a ring that won’t go away at this point)… But I am not losing sleep over it, just feeling anxious all day long. Is there a name for that?

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