12.7.14 Sick Day


So, here’s what I didn’t finish this weekend … anything! Everything! You name it, I didn’t finish it! I started a great deal many “would’ve been awesome” projects, but not one, from laundry to Christmas cards is finished!

Why? Is a logical question you may find yourself asking – my answer would be: sinusitis, bronchitis, fever, headache, backache, chills, coughs, and plenty of nose-blowing. Those are the conditions myself and my family currently have. Two of us checked into the clinic and walked out with prescriptions, saline nasal sprays, humidifier filters and Puffs Kleenex boxes. Hysterically a friend heard I was sick and stopped over with some essential oils to help the healing along including Frankensense! Tis the season to be like Jesus I suppose! Ha!

Literally, this weekend, and for about the whole last week, my family has been falling apart. We are sick and tired and utterly cashed. We are so happy with Christmas concerts and plays and events with family and friends and work … but life, for us lately has been like a cupcake with too much frosting! It seems great at the time and tastes delicious, but when the buzz ends, leaves you exhausted and sick.

So, filled like a blended new-age pharmacy, my house is on it’s way to healing. I’ve got peppermint oil on my feet, a diffuser putting Eucalyptus into the air, an inhaler (probably needed after inhaling all the oils), and antibiotics for the bronchitis. Like Publilius Syrus once said, “there are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.” I think the road to health is included in this.

Here’s hoping you aren’t as unwell. I pray a sneeze-free week for you all!

Snuffalupogusly yours,


2 thoughts on “12.7.14 Sick Day

  1. Dear Elle, so good to read that the “bug” hasn’t done any damage to your funny bone! Carry on, as I pray all in the household will be well while there is still plenty of Christmas left to enjoy.

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