4.26.15 My Weekend is Officially – Bipolar


So I wish that my weekend were a person, so I could tell it the quote I found on Pintrest … “I’m dizzy from riding your bipolar coaster!”  Seriously, from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows … it went a little something like this – buckle up.

High: It was Friday.  It was jeans day.  It was payday! 

Low: It is April.  It was forty degrees.  It was freezing rain.

High: We had a benefit to go to!  I got to dress up!  I ate great food! 

Low: The speaker quoted the wrong school.  I was allergic to the dessert.  The old man in front of me was so ancient, I was afraid he might not make it through the speech. 

High: It was Saturday.  I slept in!  My kids slept in!

Low:  I couldn’t find the soccer uniform.  I found the soccer uniform – dirty – he wore it anyway.  The car was below “E” and we literally made it to the game on fumes and prayers. 

High:  We were only fifteen minutes late for practice, not the game!  My son got a goal.  They won!

Low:  It was still forty degrees.  My lips turned purple.  My 90 pound dog sat on me the whole game.

High:  We got to pick up our kitten from getting declawed.  We were on time to the vet.  My kids loved all the animals they saw.

Low: We waited forEVER!  I mistook a Chihuahua on a lady’s shoulder for a quivering rat.  The trip cost over $500!

High:  We had two hours before the next event.  We had forty minutes of “quiet time” in the car.  My daughter asked me if octopuses love God, since they have three hearts.

Low: My kids crawl on the floor of Walmart, pretending to be cats.  Meanwhile, my real cats are squealing away in the car.  I spent another $70 on God-knows-what at Walmart.

High: We made it home!  I tackled some laundry!  My son managed to put the stinky uniform in the laundry basket by himself!  

Low: I’m interrupted mid-laundry by both kids.  My daughter (the marathon-pooper) was supposed to give her brother a towel, but stopped to “go” first; she’s stranded without toilet paper.  He’s shivering naked in a tub … still without a towel.

High: We make it to two birthday parties ON TIME!  I discovered a new library!  I fell asleep early … because I could! 

Low: The new declawed kitten doesn’t trust the “post-surgery” kitty litter.  My son discovered a suspicious wet blanket.  My husband found a small poo in a sock under his desk.  

High: It is Sunday.  We went hiking!  We visited my grandmother.

Low:  I forgot to give my grandmother something.  I had to turn around.  I drove too fast and get pulled over … again … with my kids in the car … again (mom-of-the-year … again). 

High:  I get off with a warning!  My kids slept the whole way home and I got to make two phone calls!  My husband made dinner!  

Low:  My laundry has officially beat me.  It is almost Monday.  There goes the dryer.  

High:  I’ve got a clawless kitten purring on my lap.  I’m writing for you.  You’re reading for me! 

How could I ask for more?  Here’s wishing you more “highs” than “lows,”  and, at the very least, a whole lot of in-betweens.  

Literarily yours,


2 thoughts on “4.26.15 My Weekend is Officially – Bipolar

  1. I had a big smile as I read this. It brought back memories of when my kids were much smaller. For a moment I saw myself as the character because let’s face it, what mom has not made their kid wear their stinky uniform because we too exhausted to wash it the night before or just plain forgot to. I mean, I still made mother of the year, and you should know…………..your allowed a vote so you can vote for yourself!!
    O and the laundry, it beats me every week. I surrender to it and I find myself doing laundry at odd times all the time.
    I so enjoyed reading this today:)

    Your friend,

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