5.17.15 Requesting a Miracle


Writer Shannon L. Alder said, “You will face your biggest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”  I certainly hope this is true, because I am most certainly in need of miracle.  A few Fridays ago, one of my darling students, a thirteen-year-old girl, went home with a headache.  On Monday, we were called into a staff meeting to be told that this girl … this sweet little Hell0 Kitty loving child, had two rapidly-growing brain tumors.  How do you respond to news like that?  I wish someone would have told me, because I’m not sure I know still.

The weeks that followed have been difficult and heart-wrenching.  From watching her say goodbye to her closest friends at school and finding that her family cannot afford her medicine, to hearing she will be having surgery only after she can gain weight, and recognizing the fear in her voice.  The staff and I tried to think fast.  One woman decided to buy the band bracelets to sell to raise money.  Kids brought in countless stuffed animals, made cards, showed their love by the piles.  My students and I made her a blanket.  We signed it with glow-in-the-dark paint so that she would not be alone when the night came.  And it is not enough.  None of it is.

Her surgery is on the twenty-second.  I’m not sure she is strong enough, but time isn’t really on her side.  I know this post isn’t witty.  It isn’t funny, or particularly well-written … but I am asking you to take care in reading it just the same.  I am asking you to be this little girl’s miracle.  I am asking you to pray … wherever you are, whoever you are, God is waiting for your voices to reach him, and so is she.

My thanks,


11 thoughts on “5.17.15 Requesting a Miracle

  1. I am praying for this girl, her family, and all of you touched by this…. Something about brain tumors, I know first hand, is how instantly life changing this diagnosis is. When/if her family is ready for, and looking for support, I know of a couple of groups that have been so helpful to our family. They may be able to help as advocates, and practical resource as well. Let me know. I can connect you.

  2. Dear Elle, I just so happen to know your God and HE is in the miracle making business. Nothing is too difficult for HIM! If I would like to help financially, who would I contact? Thank you for sharing the “not pretty or witty”
    Thank you for allowing us to walk in this with you…with her.

  3. Praying for this little girl that God loves so very much! I have to believe that God has a purpose in all of this that we cant even comprehend. As hope rises, may our great God be with her to comfort her and her family. Im praying now and will continue to throughout her surgery. Miracles can and do happen! Thanks for reaching out for her, Elle!

  4. I have just prayed, and will continue on in prayer, especially on the 22nd. Our Great God takes pleasure in bringing miracles in those places where no miracles are anywhere in sight.

  5. Hi Elle, My prayers are added.  Arlene Arlene Lynes, OwnerRead Between the Lynes129 Van Buren StreetWoodstock, IL 60098815.206.5967www.readbetweenthelynes.comwww.facebook.com/ReadBetweenTheLynes 

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