7/12/15 The Toys You Love, But Cannot Find

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     So … I’m not one to squelch creativity or anything, but I think we can all agree that one of these things is not like the other!  You guessed it!  I’ve been in a cleaning mode.  Not just cleaning, but getting rid of, hauling literally dozens and dozens of boxes, recyclables and trash bags out of rooms.  I swear we are NOT hoarders people (though ALL evidence from this past week points to the contrary)!  I’ve figured out quite literally that the following statement is most-likely the mentality of my son and daughter, “My room is not dirty.  I just have everything on display … like a museum,” (someecards.com).  

   Well, may I just say that their “museums” have mandatorially (yes, I know I made up that word) hired a new curator – MOM!  I think, no lie, that this weekend alone, I have spent ten hours sorting, stacking and straightening two tiny people’s GIGANTIC messes!  It might be a bit more of a mental exercise for me in dealing with my rage at the mess, (which I have not unleashed on them, I promise) but I have composed a poem.  I hope you can relate. 


Imagine only pretty things

with shiny hair and glossy wings

dollies sipping tea at tables

ponies playing at their stables

teddies dancing with the fairies

cupcakes topped with red-bright cherries

games that promise princess winners

toys that serve you plastic dinners

plump, pink sofa chairs for lounging

hidden snacks for when you’re scrounging

and now imagine, if you might

that pretty place with DYNAMITE

because the room of one small girl

has set my senses in a whirl

all that lovely has imploded

and my temper’s near exploded

that is until I saw, of course

a worse mess from another source

Where on Earth would be another?

down the hall … from her big brother

whose Legos have all blown to bits

and cause me nervous, twitching-fits

because one head won’t match a tail

and broken ship parts never sail

cars are mixed with planes and creatures

superheroes lost their features

books are missing vital pages

watches lost their gears and gauges 

Army men are fighting wizards

snow globes stopped producing blizzards

so I find my pressure rising

mental status near capsizing

and as soon as they are sleeping

that is when I start the reaping

turning piles into order

I become a master-sorter

when they wake from their sweet dreaming

all their surfaces are gleaming

 no longer looking like just trash

no hidden places left to stash 

they don’t know where to find a thing

and that alone makes my heart sing

because you can’t leave out behind

the toys you love, but cannot find

3 thoughts on “7/12/15 The Toys You Love, But Cannot Find

  1. I wish you would send this stuff to Publishers! You are so creative I can only imagine? love you Daddy

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