10.11.15 The Hypocrisy of Pessimists

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Janis Joplin once said, “I must be an optimist, because a pessimist is never disappointed.”  Isn’t that the truth?  I am surrounded by pessimists … we all are.  People who complain about the weather, and whether or not their day has some kind of vendetta against them.  People who can’t stand their job, but get fired up about “others” who are trying to steal it.  There is never such a thing as a good day for a pessimist, because the minute their feet hit the ground, they’ve convinced themselves that there is enough deficient in the prospect of their day, to categorize it as “bad” before it begins.  Negativity is a self-fulfilling attitude … but I wonder … do pessimists know how hypocritical they are?  If not, I wrote a little poem to tell them. Enjoy (unless you’re a pessimist that is).

The Hypocrisy of Pessimists

I have realized for some time now,

as the truth has weighed to me,

the nature of the negative

and of their hypocrisy.

So regardless of the weather,

of their luck or of their day,

those who are most pessimistic

always find the worst to say.

If it’s hot they wish it cooler,

when it’s chilly they want warm.

If it’s rainy their complaining

but last week they begged for storms.

There is never one day happy

without first some discontent,

and instead of counting riches

all they see is what’s been spent.

And the funny thing is, people,

whom have such opinions thus …

never find the fault within them

but in others? Plenty fuss.

No one ever meets their standards,

but in truth, we know none could,

because pessimists find fault

in even those they never should.

I have wondered at the darkness

blooming in them like stained ink,

and I fear the stain runs deeper

than what you or I may think.

Opposition is contagious

and complaint is just the start

of a life consumed and starless,

shadows spreading from the heart.

You may fault my optimism,

you may think me too naïve,

but each day I breathe I choose joy,

though the world wants me to grieve.

There is much that’s wrong with life here,

let me be first to agree,

but not one heartbreak can be solved

by overt hypocrisy.

If the universe is failing,

by all means suggest a cure …

just stop randomly complaining

with a judgment so obscure.

Erasing all iniquity

will take quite some time – it’s true.

But we have to begin somewhere,

so let’s start this change with you.

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