A Dance With My Shadow


Inspired by the brilliance of J.M. Barrie, author of the original (and best version ever) of Peter Pan, the young boy comes to the window of the Darling family, because he lost his shadow.  After having found it hiding in a drawer, Peter begins to get very upset as he shouts, “I can’t get my shadow to stick.”  It is silly, but sometimes, my own life seems so ridiculous and chasing, that I feel my poor shadow must be exhausted for trying to keep up with me.

It is rare that I notice I have a shadow at all, as I run from place to place, I realize it must seem like I am trying to escape her.  So today, as I looked back at this photo I snapped of my shadow in the summer (back when I remembered how to breathe) I realized she deserved an apology.  I am sorry dear shadow that I haven’t been playing fair in terms of racing about.  So, I wrote you a poem in apology.  I hope you all can relate, and invite your own shadows to dance, instead of run.


A Dance With My Shadow

There are days when the avariciousness of the world threatens to take me

where every mercenary thought I might’ve had is lost to the rapacious-pace of life

It is easy to play victim,

and plagiarize the complaints we are taught to repeat like a mantra:

of the too busy,

too fast,

too materialistic society we are left to

Like any legacy, we live in the shadows cast by the great and greater who came before

And by comparison, our own shadows shrink, and fade,

intimidated by the dense reality of what we are meant to live up to,

turn into,

or evolve from

But my veracity is much too bright to live in the bleak confines

of what others have done before

And so I refuse to blend into the disenchantment of preconceived expectations

My shadow is my own to cultivate, to grow and to stretch into

as I invite her into the light to dance

She’ll twirl with me,

and the daylight will allow us both time to conspicuously take our place in the world

not the one we were invited into …

but the life we created by being unafraid to stand in the luster of the unexpected

I no longer allow myself the excuse of living like everyone else

When were we ever allowed the exoneration of becoming a mimic

instead of an original?

No more absolutions for the inauthentic

My shadow is mine, and our time here on earth shall be spent


in the brilliant, glowing promise

of things to come

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