11.29.15 The Difference Between Boys & Girls

There are about a thousand daily differences between my daughter and my son.  From character to actions, personality to performance, I’m never quite sure what the day will bring, but I know it will be littered with laughter and, “Oh, wow … that just happened,” moments. 

There’s an unknown quote that says, “The difference between boys and girls is boys know exactly what they want, but never know how to get it. Girls never know what they truly want, but know exactly how to get it.” I not only think this is true, but see that it’s true, day in and day out in the lives of my little wonders. 

My son, every-bit an eight-year-old, is completely enthralled with video games. We only allow him to play two days a week, but that doesn’t stop him from inquiring, bargaining, and downright pleading to gain, “just a few more minutes,” here and there on a daily basis. My daughter, on the other hand, never asks to play, and when we offer her the opportunity says, “Do you think I should? What game would you play if you were me?” 

That’s just the start. We were in a Costco bathroom yesterday, and upon exiting the stall to wash my hands, my daughter waited at the sink with a paper towel in her hands, saying, “Here you go mama,” politely. About a minute before, my son, one stall over, shouted, “Whoa mom! My poop is the size of a hot dog!”  Both were seeking attention and praise, but in vastly different ways!  

In terms of sports, my son has a postman mentality, “Neither rain nor hail, nor sleet nor snow,” can keep him from the soccer field. My daughter nearly skipped a dance class because she had on the wrong shoes! 

When discussing babies, my six-year-old daughter told me the names of her someday children, while my son asked if, “babies are pooped out or thrown up.” I explained it was neither, and that we’d have that conversation when both of us were more ready to have it.

My son is a snuggler, but only at night. He would sleep with any one of us anytime, whereas my daughter prefers her own space to dream. He likes salty, she likes sweet. He prefers a sprint, she enjoys a stroll. He dives into homework, she waits until you’re there to help. He spends time with one kitty, she reads to the dog. 

So they’re different, to say the very least. My daughter hugs, my son squeezes. My son belly-laughs, my daughter giggles. She’s the magenta in her tu-tu and he’s the green of his grass stains, but both are filled to the brim with color and charm. 

I can’t fathom what grace I’ve been given by having these two in my life, but one thing is sure … whether I’m coloring a mermaid, or crafting out a clay anaconda, my boy and my girl bring the purest delight to my days. And regardless of their opposing personalities, each of their hearts is honest, bright, and filled to overflowing with love. How, therefore, could mine not be? 

Go smile today with the ones who bring you light! And then thank the God who made them shine. 


3 thoughts on “11.29.15 The Difference Between Boys & Girls

  1. I agree!!! They make me belly laugh and giggle all at the same time. You, Elle also fill me with delight. And oh how right you are…it’s all because of our God, who loved us first.

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