4.6.16 Ordinary Never: Grace Notes & Give Away

“Look at this life, all mystery and magic.” Harry Houdini 

It is my great pleasure to be writing you today as a guest author for Grace Notes, the blog dedicated to the movement of Bella Grace Magazine – a publication meant to enchant everyday living. At the end of the post, there is a gift give-away … so read all the way down friends! For more of Bella Grace’s: Grace Notes, click on the link, (Grace Notes ) and transport yourself to a place devoted to: breathing a little slower, dreaming a little longer, and escaping a little more often.

So I begin the way all stories should …

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Ordinary Never

I’ve never been what anyone would consider normal.  Caught somewhere between reality and my imagination, I believe in whimsy, and the kind of magic only fireflies know. When my “Once Upon a Time” began, I must admit I was afraid all the greatest stories had already been told. The only enchanted apple in my tale was me … and unremarkably, I was not even the kind that fell too far from the family tree, as they say. On the outside, my family was most conventional – but to me, they were ordinary never. My father was a dreamer, my mother … encouragement personified, and my sister, well … she’s my hero – the secret keeper of my heart. How could anyone turn out normal with a family like that?

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After the fairy tale childhood, it’s quite easy to see, why, regardless of the villains and foes my years have confronted me with … I’ve always found that there is an undercurrent of light and magic in my life I refuse to ignore. It certainly isn’t that things are perfect … perfect doesn’t exist after all – but sometimes imperfect is ever-so-close.  That’s magic.

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How else could I explain the gifts of fate I’ve been granted? How else could I explain him? There’s an old saying from the Roman philosopher Atticus that describes my husband. “I don’t believe in magic,’ the young boy said. The old man smiled. ‘You will, when you see her.” And he did see me. He found me.  And that practical boy I fell in love with, has a secret dreaming side most people never see.  That’s magic.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.01.52 PM

In this crazy life we have built for ourselves, days traveling faster than the speed of light it seems, I often feel that I have all the grounding of a moth in a hurricane – that the world is pushing past me in a blur of color and wonder. But then I let go, and enjoy the fact that while I am not in control, at least for a moment, like time itself – I get to fly. And I see the boy we didn’t think we could have … and his sister we never expected. Yet again – that’s magic.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.43.59 PM

I know this version of life that I see may not be any other curator’s definition of precious. But these artifacts of my life … these are one-of-a-kind collections no museum could house, and no photograph could master. It is my memory’s masterpiece that cannot be tamed. I find it in: the laughter of my best friend … the hand-written letter I never saw coming … the kiss on the forehead I didn’t expect … the giggle she couldn’t contain … the hug he didn’t hold back … the published piece with my name on it … the sound of my grandmother’s, “Remember when …” and on and on it goes. That’s magic.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.48.36 PM

“And above all,” Roald Dahl once insisted, “watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” If for no other reason than you could dare to miss it … believe.  Seek.  Pray.  Try.  Wonder.  Explore.  Dare. Then find! Find yourself in all the unanswered questions you didn’t dare to ask.  And tell yourself again and again that there is magic in this life, until you trust it with unequivocal certainty. Have faith. Chase your own version of ordinary never. Because you know what? It’s magic

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Bella Grace Magazine Give-Away!!!


Bella Grace Blog Hop

Thank you so much for your supportive reading of my guest blog to Grace Notes. As a special gift, I’d like to offer a free copy of the newest issue of Bella Grace Magazine to the individual who shares this blog post with the most friends. Use whatever social media you’d like, just tell me your numbers (by April 15th) and I’ll send this lovely gift to you personally. Let’s spread the enchanting work of words together … let’s make life Bella. Write on my friends.


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5 thoughts on “4.6.16 Ordinary Never: Grace Notes & Give Away

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  2. what a beautiful story you have to share. I’m pretty sure we would make such great friends! I was smiling all the way through your words. I’m part of the blog hop too and I’m so happy to have met you today here. Especially your love story part. I feel the same about my guy and our life. I’m following your blog now. In fact just like Bella Grace the publication, all the women in this blog hop are amazing women who if all gathered together, I’m pretty sure we could change the entire world;)


  3. Elle, I really enjoyed how
    you captured the wonder
    that is your life. We also
    struggled to have a child,
    and were blessed with two.
    The youngest is a junior in
    high school, so hang on for
    a beautiful ride!

    I’m a fellow writer on the BG
    blog hop (April 22), so I do
    not need an entry for your
    lovely giveaway….

    xo Suzanne

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