5.2.16 Let Yourself Pretend


Kurt Vonnegut once said, “We are what we pretend to be.”  So just to be fabulous … let yourself pretend.  Pretend on days when nothing is going the way it should have gone.  Pretend when the world seems to be personally holding you hostage for everyone else’s bad choices.  Pretend when you cannot bear to be the responsible one, the practical one, or the “adult” for one more minute. Pretend.

Pretend that every time you open your car door, an imaginary red carpet is rolled at your feet.  Since paparazzi cannot wait to snap your iconic image, you must never leave your vehicle without your lipstick freshly applied.

Pretend that every buzzer sounding from the laundry room is really a bell from  your wicked step-mother, and that Prince Charming really will save you one of these days. Until he does, adopt the Fairy Godmother’s advice, and get to bed before midnight pumpkin!

Pretend that every night, when dinnertime rolls around, and you can’t fathom what to make out of the last of your last groceries … you’re really on one of those cooking reality shows, and you’ve got thirty minutes to complete the challenge with unique ingredients. Spice it up with a pinch of sea salt and nothing can taste that bad.

Pretend that every onslaught of emails you receive, is actually fan-mail you need to reply to.  And you’re just such the humble sort to reply to each and every one, not because you must, mind you, but because you want to.

Your turn!  In the words of Taylor Swift, “Bring on all the pretenders.” What might you pretend in the following situations?  Share your imagination and help us all reconnect with the delightful version of ourselves only we are lucky enough to see.

When you’re stuck in traffic …

When you’re at the receiving end of someone’s foul mood …

When you make a mistake at work …

When your romantic date doesn’t turn out …

When you are waiting in line …

When you have to run errands …

When it has rained for a week straight …

When you’re out of vacation days …

Any of your own suggested pretend scenarios of daily life turned dreamy?


Pretend along with me,


One thought on “5.2.16 Let Yourself Pretend

  1. How fun was that! Thanks Elle! Okay, it’s much more satisfying to clean my home, knowing that a special guest will be arriving in the morning.

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