6.8.16 Sweet, but Messy


Someone once said, “Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions … chocolate understands.” I am pretty sure this is the most accurate thing I’ve heard lately, because I personally experienced just how intently chocolate “gets it” the other day!  The end of the school year was a barrage of lovely expectations mixed with an inordinate amount of time to accomplish half of what you set out to do.  From end-of-the-year-gifts, to final projects, to swim lesson sign ups (which I still haven’t done and they start Monday) … it is just too much!

This year, my amazing sister, whom I would spend every waking moment with if it was my choice, is visiting from NC early.  That means, that we had girl’s night early.  I wasn’t even finished with the school year, but one weekend away, we chose to do our thing and hang out with a group of our good friends anyway.  In between our air conditioning breaking, our front brakes needing replacement on one car, our battery dying in the other car, and my son’s soccer tryouts being rescheduled due to the rain … I was just a little bit late for our date.  Needless to say, the chocolate I’d decided to bring was more than a little bit melty.  Those Ghirardelli squares might look solid, but they were as squishy as a stress ball.  But you know what?  Chocolate does understand, because they were still delicious.  Just like life, melted chocolate is sweet, but messy!

This morning marked my first official day of summer, and I’d fully intended to wake up slow, read a little, write a little, and do a crap-ton of laundry.  Instead, I woke with a wrath-like Noah’s Ark moment, looking at the absolutely trashed house around me thinking, “That’s it!  I’m getting rid of everything and we’re just starting over!”  There were half-clean, half-folded, half-started but not finished basketfuls of clothes; there were half-drawn masterpieces scattered about with pencil tips and markers barely capped; there were blankets and pillows left-over from my husband’s one night love affair with soccer as the U.S. dominated Costa Rica; there were black tumbleweeds of fur littered about from our over-heated, hundred pound hairy baby; there were dishes, and crumbs, and toothpaste stains, and … and … and … ! After a bit of frazzled, harried, manic tendencies of picking up and purging, I eventually lost steam and decided that what we really needed was to leave the house!  Thank God lunch with a friend and a farmer’s market were all it took to bring me back to a balanced sense of reality.  Rest assured, our house is clean now, and I (though very, very tempted) did not in fact rid the world of our belongings.

If you’ll excuse me … I’m going to go eat something sweet, and more than likely – melted.

Here’s to summer!



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