8.4.16 School Bells


I worked in my classroom for eleven straight hours today, and let me tell you I understand the meaning of the phrase, “hot mess,” in an all too personal way.  It was about ninety degrees and there wasn’t air running.  And although I felt as if I was melting, I was much too stubborn to quit hanging up, throwing out, wandering around, and working under the pressure of that tick-tocking nemesis on the wall.  School starts in about a week and a half.  Needless to say, I could use a bit. More. Time!  Instead … I wrote a poem.  I am a nerd – what can I say? Enjoy!

 The Week Before School

(to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider)

The brand new stressful school year is creeping in real fast

Down comes curriculum you have used from the past

Out goes the old as you bring in all the new

And the standard-based technology is most of what you’ll do

The brand new crop of students are prepping to leave home

Clearing racks at Target, up every aisle they roam

Getting some supplies and a lot that they don’t need

As their parents count their blessings that soon they will be freed

The brand new centered classroom is shaping up real nice

Sadly nothing’s free and it cost you quite a price

You’ll just have to embrace it because school starts so soon

And you won’t be out again until it ends in June

So prepare yourself for meetings you didn’t know you had

Late nights spent correcting and grades that get quite bad

Lunches paired with recess you have to chaperone

And the last time in nine months you will ever be alone

The life spent as a teacher is full as full can be

Twenty-something students packed like a cannery

Filled with loud opinions and stories that they share

It’s a good thing there’s a week left for you to still prepare

All my best to you this year fellow teachers!  It’ll be a great year … just keep shining!


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