4.2.17 Bloom



There is a light, and though it be pale, it is powerful. Enter into it.
Don’t hesitate or wait for another sign.
This is your sign.

This day, this breath, this choice …
all of them are pointing you toward life. Embrace the possibility that it’s not just time, but YOUR time.

So whether it is your first step or your fiftieth,
take it.
Whether you’ve tried and failed a thousand times before,
or you’ve never had the courage to try …
Unfurl your own version of brave,
of beautiful.
Even subtle things can capture the attention of one who is seeking. Never underestimate that you may be
what the world has been waiting for.

Leaving even a trace of your delicate presence,
is enough to illuminate the existence of another.
It is easy to cast off the substance of who you are,
when comparing to everyone else.
But when did you ever get the idea you were to be compared?
Are you, beloved, not invaluable?
Are you not the only one of you ever created in the history of days? There is no room to doubt that which is irrefutable.
You are ready, whether you believe so or not.
You’ve been given today.
So, like a flower coming awake to the sun for the first time –

6 thoughts on “4.2.17 Bloom

  1. Bless you. If I could reach through this I would give you a warm hug. As I read your words and other words that have found their way in to my life, I feel I have found a pale light and it is time to follow it and bloom. This is a new season to celebrate my life and you gave me a stepping stone to follow. Your beautiful thoughts are a blessing to everyone who reads them. My gratitude to you for sharing your heart with us.

      • It is I who am blessed. Words that were lost in grief and heartbreak, lost in the dark, comparing to others. There is only one of each of us, we are unique in our very own special way. Thank you for helping me find a lost piece of my heart and embracing the journey.

  2. Indeed, blooming where you are planted is truly one of the biggest choices anyone can ever make. Whether we are living in the most perfect place (that being; our opinion,) or we have been placed somewhere that may not have been our first pick. It comes down to living a life filled with gloom and dread, or a life filled with freedom and joy! I will always choose JOY!

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