7.7.17 Publication News

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I wrote this piece some time ago with the hopes that someday it would find its way off of the shelf, and IT HAS! Live today on Bella Grace Magazine’s  blog Grace Notes, you can read my newest publication, Love Letter to a Single Friend.

I pray that you will share it with everyone that needs to hear it … because they do … they need to know how singularly they are loved – how treasured they are to you, and to this world that needs their spirit so desperately. Help me spread this appreciation, help me gift this love.

With all my heart,


7 thoughts on “7.7.17 Publication News

  1. Elle
    That is so beautiful and full of grace, as someone who is in that state of singleness you worry if there is someone just for you. I am so glad it found its way off the shelf and into my heart. Many will benefit from your kind words.

  2. Just read this on Bella Grace and thank you so much. Such a beautiful gift to all who receive it, whether they never had that special someONE, or did at one time, but no longer. To let single people know they are loved by and a gift to others could turn their lives around. Blessings to you Elle.

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