7.8.17 Bella Grace Blog Hop: “The Magic of Birthday Wishes”

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“Make a wish …” 

Could there be any sweeter imperative than this? To be ordered to wish? To dream? To believe that all it would take to achieve what you most hope for would be to think it, close your eyes, and blow out the drops of light before you? What an enchanting command, and one I am more than willing to obey – year … after year … after year.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.25.13 PM

Birthdays have always been a grand source of celebration in my family. My mother believed in the power of birthdays the way some people believe in holiday traditions – reverently. Each year, no matter how old my sister and I were getting, she would decorate the house, post notes on our mirrors, and make a thematic meal and cake to commemorate the day this earth was graced with our singular presence. How then could I, as a mother, do any less? Each year, our son and daughter’s summer birthdays are enveloped in confectioned delights and filled, moment-by-moment, with friends, family, and plenty of candled opportunities to wish. My husband once asked me when I thought we’d “go easier” on our birthday capers, to which I cast a wide-eyed reply of, “Never.” As long as this world has you in it – we must celebrate.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.25.24 PM

I think very few people today realize that dreams are a renewable resource. We get so stuck in the ordinary expectations we set for ourselves, that we forget to imagine that there could be more – that we could be more. I am always especially bothered when it comes to birthdays, and the underwhelming perceptions people have of themselves on this once-a-year, you-alone celebration. Flippant comments like, “I don’t even remember how old I am,” or, “It’s just another day,” chip away at my heart like paint fading on something once considered beautiful. When did this one precious life ever give you permission to stop being grateful for it? Even in the darkest of times, there is something to be thankful for.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.25.36 PM

Maybe that is why candles are so much more enchanting in the dark – because they shatter any chance at remaining there. Flickering flames dance in anticipation of the light they represent – the hope. So regardless of the number of birthdays you’ve been blessed with, you go ahead and make that wish. Make as many wishes as there are candles on your cake, and if you have no cake, light a candle anyway … just to have hope for what might be … just to believe in yourself and the power of your beautiful, renewable dreams. That is the true magic of birthday wishes after all, believing in what is yet to be.


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56 thoughts on “7.8.17 Bella Grace Blog Hop: “The Magic of Birthday Wishes”

  1. Love this article!! Oh how it speaks to me. I feel the same way about birthdays in my home, including my own!! God gave us a way to celebrate our coming into this world, and so we should celebrate!!! Sharing this on fb, would love to win a copy of this magazine!! 💜💟

  2. Congratulations on being selected for this blog hop, I love seeing your name in my in box. What magic awaits in your words. We need to remember to celebrate each day, light a candle to light our way out of the dark and celebrate. Looking forward to more celebrating, your words, and a wonderful new magazine to fall in love with.

  3. Congrats friend! I am in the process of beginning to dream again. 10 years ago my ability to dream ceased…I forgot what my dreams were or they just didn’t matter anymore. I lived day by day just to get to tomorrow. However, over the past two years, I have longed to have the burning desire to dream again. I am relearning how to have the faithful first step into dreaming and believing that dreams really do come true.

  4. What a great command … “Make a Wish” … I never REALLY thought about that Order! It reminds me of a favorite bible verse. “Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.”
    -Deut. 30:11 How the two fit together so accurately. May we all live as we are commanded. May we seize the day with joy!

  5. lovely post, my mother always made a big deal on our birthdays and so I did with my children. My birthday is the 15th of August and we have special plans for the day.

  6. Dreams are a renewable resource. I love the way you put that! I find myself at a place where I ticked the box on many of my dreams and now I need to update my list. More travel is definitely going on the list!

  7. I loved this Elle! Your joy in celebrating the life of a loved one is evident in the descriptions of your well thought out and well planned celebrations! I just turned 62 and birthday celebrations – both mine and those of family and friends are still so special to me! I hope I never grow too old to celebrate!
    As for sharing a wish, our tradition has always been you never share one before it becomes true – so keeping this year’s close to my heart. ❤ I’m so excited about Bella Grace’s new sister publication “Field Guide to Everyday Magic” as well as this Blog Hop! Loved reading your contribution!

  8. I love this article. I, too, am just realizing that I have dreams. I’m learning so much. It’s never too late to dream!

  9. What a lovely article! I come from a long line of non-celebrators, but somehow ended up feeling that birthdays are the most wonderful days to celebrate. Thanks for the reminder that they really are special!

  10. I loved this! I never use to really celebrate my own birthday. But as I got older I sure do. glad to be here for another year.

  11. As I have aged I’ve enjoyed my birthdays more and more. sometimes winter birthdays aren’t the most fun in New England when the weather doesn’t always cooperate. So I decided a few years ago , with the help of my husband , to enjoy my birthday MONTH ! Doesn’t mean I need presents every day but just multiple days to celebrate me and my life. It might mean getting some fantastic present, getting a mani, sitting all day and just reading, heading to lunch or breakfast with a good friend, a lovely glass of wine, a special dinner. Doesn’t matter. Its all about enjoying life and celebrating what I have.

    • I love the idea of celebrating “just being.” It is a beautiful and good thing to have the depth of character to appreciate what you already have! Thank you for this reminder.

  12. my husband voted birthdays “over”. I explained the magic of celebrating not our age (for some the numbers are scary) but the gift of being alive! I loved your essay, I think I’ll pass it along to my husband!

  13. I love birthdays and try to go all out for my grandsons! I wish they would stay little but still let me celebrate lots of birthdays! 🙂

  14. Dear Elle,
    I so enjoyed your post! As a balloon designer for 35 years, I have been blessed to not only share in the celebrations of family and friends, but I have had the opportunity to share in many “special occasions” throughout the years! It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to help to make many wishes come true! Thank you for sharing! My wish is to continue to be a light, in the celebrations of life…

  15. My wish is to be fully my true self and in being my true self, I can light the way for others to be their true self as well!

  16. I absolutely loved what you have written. It has really resonated with me. Dreams are a renewable resource, we can have them again and again; we can change them, we can live them we can believe in them. Thank you Elle for reaching out to me today. Just when I needed to dream again! I’m fast approaching 60 and have been worried, I don’t want to be that old! But today I wrote down my dreams and I’m going to make them a reality! 60 is only a number, and I’m grateful to be healthy and alive.

    • NICKY!!! You are my winner of the Bella Grace Field Notes competition! Please message or email me your address so that I can send you a personal thank you for participating and also so that I can have Bella Grace send you your complimentary winner’s copy!!!

  17. I wish harmony in my life, my start-up biz, my artventures, relationships and everything in-between. I wish to meet, circle and create with my soul sisters, my kindred 🙂

  18. I was raised celebrating our birthdays. My Mother always asks, even at age 97, what are we doing for whoever’s birthday it is. I love to celebrate my birthday with her, because she knows the miracle of a child entering the world is a reason to celebrate. I think, in a way, birthdays are more about the parents who experienced that miracle in their lives. My father died 25 years ago and we still celebrate his day. I wish I could convince my husband that birth days are a reason to do special things. He was raised differently. I celebrate in spite of him!

  19. I look forward to each of my birthdays and as I age (just turned 69) I know that birthdays are to be celebrated in as glorious a way as possible. The day one is born is a magical day. Candles and family are a must.

  20. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your words are beautiful! My birthday falls three days post Christmas. When I tell people this, they always share how awful that must have been for me. On the contrary, my mother made it amazing! Every year, Christmas was over and put away by the 27th at the latest and it was birthday season! I’ve never had to go to school on my day and as an educator, I’ve never had to work either. In my mind, birthdays ARE holidays and should be appropriately celebrated. Thank you so much for a beautiful read!

  21. My wish is for new friendships. I’ve recently moved, and I’m doing my best to create a community for myself and wish that awesome people will cross my path.

  22. I read this with my own birthday coming at the end of the month, 51 years, and I thought I would write something profound, but I came up with this one thing, thank you!

  23. Oh to wish, to dream! I so enjoyed reading this blog post! Things have been hard lately and I’ve been sad yet have been reminded again and again to not loose hope. Change can be hard and painful, but why not dream a better dream that the very thing bringing pain can in fact bring unexpected blessings into my life. Thanking God He is a good, good Father and He knows the next step in my journey. My wish is that I live the life He designed for me to the fullest. Embracing Him at all times, even through the pain.

  24. What a lovely idea with the Field Guide to Everyday Magic ! Just perfect for cosy autumn days to read.
    I would LOVE to win a copy 😍 But let’s be honest, it’s quite improbable. I wish I could buy Bella Grace Magazine here where I live.

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