11.3.17 “Wordless” a Bella Grace Post

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There are some experiences in your life that absolutely change you. This post, “Wordless” on Bella Grace Magazine’s blog Grace Notes is just such an experience. I would argue that it was one of the most significant journeys my writing has taken me on, and has bloomed into one of the most precious friendships I’ve ever had. Please read. Please share. For myself … for Michelle … and most especially, for the memory of Katrina.

Some stories have the power to change the world. This story changed mine.  I pray it will inspire yours.

Sparkle dear ones, and let your presence of light hang heavy over the sky like fireworks.

Elle Harris

3 thoughts on “11.3.17 “Wordless” a Bella Grace Post

  1. Hello Elle, I’m just now opening up a Bella Grace that I’d not devoured yet (I tend to wait until I have a large chunk of idle time to put myself in the Bella Grace ‘zone’ so I can fully appreciate the treasures inside). I’m actually traveling in a car and brought it with me to read in the car. I came upon your article and ‘As She’… and I can honestly say that I fully appreciate your term ‘wordless’ as expressed in your blog. I cannot express to you how much your words have touched my heart. I am truly wordless at this moment, so I’m not even going to try. Suffice it to say that (since I don’t do Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) I went to my phone to find your blog entry so I could send you this note. It saus so much about you, that you took the time to get to know Katrina, a woman you’ll never meet, and use her life to touch so many. Bless you. I love to write also, so I guess one of these days I’ll venture into a venue that might leave a footprint (or toe print!), but for now I’m happily signing up as a follower of your blog, which is a first for me also. 😉 (Baby steps! )
    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your heart, and Katrina’s. What a gift.

    • PJ:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. I really cannot express enough how it is the readers who keep me writing. Your words touched my heart and I’m so thankful that you are taking steps toward sharing yourself and your gift. I’m sure that at the right time, when you’re ready, it will be a treasure to behold.

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