2.20.18 Await



and slow

We step into the fractured moments

of each day

with one infinitesimal breath

shallowly followed by another

And in small ways

we give calm permission to chase chaos

Sometimes it is enough

we are enough

But other times,

the ability to realize our frailty

is braver

than determining our strength

introducing ourselves to our weakness

allows us to appreciate the humble beauty

of what it means to need

to depend


Instead of being depended upon

Light has the most potential

in the darkness

Beauty that comes from broken can be blessed


and slow

Embrace now

whatever it maybe

for then

where hope remains

and you

on the other side



4 thoughts on “2.20.18 Await

  1. I love these words, I love you for writing what I have been feeling. I read it the first time and something told me there is more to this, read it again slowly and there strung between the words was understanding, love, and hope.
    I wrote your words out on the page to carry with me, to reread when I was lost and afraid. This is so beautiful from a beautiful kind and loving soul. Thank you so much.

  2. Your beautiful words are, yet again, very timely for me. I am going through a somewhat challenging time and this poem has reminded me to keep a rainbow of hope in my pocket. Thank you.

    • Katia:

      I’m so very blessed to hear it. I’m so grateful God plants ideas in my words that bloom in the lives of others. Remain and dwell in hope friend.

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