5.23.18 Brave



I want to be brave 


I so 


the way it looks on other people

There are times in my life that I thought I was … 

but looking back –

the reflection of those memories seem much closer to 

seeking adventure

than requiring bravery in its truest form

which is – Necessity

Brave isn’t a character trait, 

it’s a state-of-being

and the bravest people I know don’t get credit for life

they just live it

So to:

The under-appreciated, marginalized, minorities in society

The citizens of nations who didn’t choose to be born unblessed by geographic happenstance 

The ill of body or mind in a world that makes you feel disposable for being “un-perfect” 

The overstressed, single parents who didn’t ask to do it alone

The children who’ve become accustomed to seeing themselves as an interference

To me? 






And I’m sorry. 

I’m so sorry that every day you don’t have a choice

but to be brave.

This wasn’t the way the world was supposed to welcome you

This wasn’t the life to which you were intended …

Precious little though these words might do

I want you to know

that I recognize the weight of your armor 

and when I see your tired faces

weary with



and constant


I wish I could 



So that I could 



for you.

But I’m just me

and I’m not brave

because life never trained me

on battlegrounds like yours

Still, I want you to know

I see

I care

And the one thing I can offer – the truth?

God didn’t plan this part

In no cosmic design were you ever meant to be


than the children of divinity 

you are

Your purpose has a place 

and the cartographer of the stars in the heavens Himself

has charted the course of destiny you were meant for

But we are fallen

and life

is acutely unfair

I still want to be brave 


I so 


the way it looks on other people

I’m just sorry

that wearing brave

was never a choice

you were given to make




10 thoughts on “5.23.18 Brave

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, Elle.
    I thought of all the brave ones who fight each and every day, because, as you say, they were given no choice. All those whose lives are far more difficult than mine will ever be.
    And then I felt ashamed, because I am tired and weary from fighting my own battle (with chronic illness) and each day trying to make the best of things, but each day being far less than brave when I fall apart at some point, when the pain and fatigue overwhelm me, and I don’t want to be even TRY to be brave anymore – I just want a reprieve from the battle.
    You my dear friend are brave. It takes courage to write so vulnerably and then share for all the world to see.
    Thank you for putting into words what my heart often feels.

    • Sweet friend. Be gentle with yourself. Truly. These are battles you were never meant to fight and scars you were never meant to wear. Someday all will be well, but on this side of heaven, I’m grateful for the fact that you are a warrior.

  2. Elle
    Your bravery to write from your heart for us weary souls needing to find words to describe the weight of our armor, you are so brave. Some will read the words and find no meaning, some will read the poem and find a line they might hang from, others will read the words and feel the space between each letter, the emotions where these words came from, a place so deep and dark they needed to find the light. Your writing gave them life for us who feel the space to embrace our own bravery and keep moving on. Thank you ever so much for being brave with us.

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