7.25.18 Someone Like Him


“Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life.” – Sophocles

When he was eight, my son looked up at me and said, “Hey mom, when I go to college … you’ll come right?”

“Of course,” I replied. And can I just say that until the offer is formally rescinded, I plan to find an apartment with a four-year lease, and keep my word.

Eleven. That is what this almost-as-tall-as-me charmer just turned, and my heart hurts with pride and pain at the clock and calendar that refuse to slow for me, regardless of my pleas. Ironically, he asked for a pocket watch for his birthday, and every few minutes, when he checks the time, I feel my heart racing the second hand as the visceral reminder that our time is fleeting. Emerson once said that, “Men are what their mother’s made them.” Though he may be a few years off from being a man, I can’t agree with Emerson, because nothing I have done in the past eleven years could have made a boy this good … this pure-hearted, or kind.

Whether it is right or wrong, a reversal of roles or even always appropriate … I depend on this little guy – on his perspectives, his judgement, his prayers, and even his bravery. He is a shoulder worth leaning into because underneath those mischievous smiles, there is a core of integrity and honor that can only be heaven-lent. I’m not sure how fair it is for me to need him at times probably more than he needs me, but there it is. My truth.

Just the other day I ran into a friend with a son the same age. She said she just finished running four miles with another friend of ours with another son the same age. After our pleasantries, I watched her sculpted runner legs leave and turned to my son saying, “Do you think it’s bad I’m not a runner mom? All your friends’ moms seem to run and I don’t. I rollerblade and walk and …”

“Mom,” he said, maturity washing over his little man features. “That’s silly. If anything they should feel bad because they’re all the same and you do things that are different.”


There isn’t a day that goes by in this boy’s life where he doesn’t find a way to make me feel special … where he doesn’t make me believe that even if he could have hand-picked a mother, he would have chosen me. What in heaven’s reach did I do to deserve this? To deserve him?

We have our moments. But honestly … I can’t remember any of them significantly enough to even soften the halo around this post. I pray, with all my mother’s heart, that everyone have a someone like him.

Happy birthday baby boy,

I love you to Neverland,

Mommy (Elle)

9 thoughts on “7.25.18 Someone Like Him

  1. I’m lucky to have met your son, the door opener for my Author visit. Those few moments shared with your class made me want to know him better. His chivalry. His kindness. His spark of delicious prank-ready-mischief reined in only by his respect for rules and his teacher-mom. Those are the things evident on the surface, but underneath, in his reflections on his reading he is also thoughtful and brave, moved deeply by justice and mercy and friendship. So here’s eleven yeehaws to the birthday boy! Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. Yeehaw. YEEHAW!

  2. I love this post so much. I too, have a kind-hearted boy (of 9 and a half) and although we have our moments, he constantly amazes me with his maturity and loving heart. His younger brother is delayed and the unconditional love he shows him, even though he doesn’t understand him, always amazes me. I couldn’t go a day without his help and he never hesitates to give of himself to me or his brother. Your story touched my heart. I know that I cannot be the reason behind that love. It is deep within him and couldn’t be taught by another imperfect human being.❤️

    • Alicia:
      It seems we have boys cut if the same cloth. How blessed are we!?! I’m so grateful God has placed such wonder in your life. Thank you for allowing me to “meet” him in this comment! Enjoy every crazy mommy minute.

  3. Oh Elle, as a mother of an almost 6.5-year-old boy and a boy who has just recently turned 9, your words resonate with me so deeply! Time really is a curious concept, and I am grateful for every moment I am fortunate to share with my sons. Being a mother is truly such a blessing! Wishing you and your handsome boy a most special birthday! ❤️

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your son, Elle! Forget about having runner’s legs! The gifts of love that you are giving your son will remain long after runner’s legs are forced into retirement. It’s obvious from your post that your son both knows how much you love and appreciate him, and he loves and appreciates you!

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