8.17.18 I Can’t Believe She’s Mine

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“You wanted everything for everyone, and you wanted to know it all and learn it all …”  – Julia Quinn, To Sir Philip With Love

This one’s for my baby … my even-as-I-write-this little lady who captures every heart she meets. I have never met the likes of her, nor could I have dreamed her into being. My thoughts are simply not capable of the wonder that she is. She is a singular treasure. A divine gift. A paragon of what kindness truly is. Happy birthday to my little dolly. Knowing her is the privilege of a lifetime, but being her mommy is nothing short of a miracle.


Brighter than starlight

and made of the same radiance

she emanates compassion

she breathes empathy

and she feels – everything

Wonderstruck eyes at the world she yearns to know more of

yet enchanted with the reality of pretend

she travels her deepest thoughts

curiosity her constant companion

only outshone by her desire to be:

what everyone needs –

never realizing that she already is

There is not a day where charm doesn’t chase her

smiles and compliments are ever in her wake,

still she tries, failing to realize her effortless magnetism –

obliviousness to practical perfection allowing her to remain blameless

She is art personified

a walking masterpiece

the crescendo of emotion

the chorus of a beautiful song …

With effervescent giggles, she twirls with me

and doesn’t walk but cartwheels place to place

She creates

She delights

She seeks

She finds

And every day I can’t believe she’s mine



2 thoughts on “8.17.18 I Can’t Believe She’s Mine

  1. Oh Elle, you are my kind of person. I have silently railed at people who ignore children or feel they have the right to belittle them. Children are precious and amazing beings and should be cherished. They love in the true sense of the word, innocently, with their whole heart. I’ve had the honor of being with my youngest grandchildren since their birth. One is in 1st grade and the other started Kindergarten this year. In those 6 years they have shown me what’s important in life–play, wonder, daring, forgiveness and love. My heart aches for the lost moments I wasn’t able to spend with my own 3 sons while I had to be a working mother. Thank heaven there are people like you in this world, you’re an angel!

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