9.2.18 Take a Breath Vlog


“What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of art in progress?” – Thomas Crum

I hope that this weekend you are able to breathe … that you take a moment to lounge in a bookstore, to read the last chapter of a long unfinished book … that you daydream your way into a luxurious nap. Make time for conversation with your extra day. Go for a walk, and take the long way. Sit down with those pets you love and talk to them for awhile. Make a new dinner. Find a new treasure. Just be.

3 thoughts on “9.2.18 Take a Breath Vlog

  1. Oh yes! And, be opened to the joy of the unexpected. As I was just about to leave Barnes and Noble to go home and wash the bed sheets before going to friends for dinner, i ran into another friend. We started to chat when she said she was kind of tired and suggested we go to the cafe and sit. So we did, and eventually her, always funny, husband joined us. Even though she benefits from his humor everyday, she still laughs, and I got some healthy laughter in my life.

    So what If this time spent with them meant I would not have time to do the laundry. It can be done another day. Time spent with others is much more important and joyful.And now getting ready to leave to spend the evening over dinner and conversation with more friends.

    Happy Labor Day to you and all your readers Elle

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