9.24.18 Knit Me Back Together


Nature has a way with restoration

with piecing together the pieces of me

that have begun to pull apart

Stepping into a world of green

the interconnectedness of bough and root

remind me that no part of ourselves 

can be lost from the whole completely 

Silent steps on fallen pine needles

usher me into a place of contemplative quiet

where no burden of daily routines can find me

Why is it that the sound of rushing water 

doesn’t make me hurry?

Why does the blast of racing wind 

set my heart to still?

I think we have become so talented at crowding our senses


Filling our minds and our hands with various forms of distraction 

from the beauty that most deserves our attention

Anxious thoughts can’t keep company 

with the tranquil breaths I breathe

My worried mind is finally clarified

when focus is paid to sure feet and steady hands

There is healing in the body seeking higher ground

as if heaven is somehow a tangible opportunity

rather than a far off, distant dream

And what enlightenment there is in realizing this side

can sometimes see holy too

In the promising curl of an infant vine

In the assurance of a rock that still stands so still

In the sacrifice of a fallen, sheltering limb

In the delicate bending of light between darks

Nature has a way with restoration

with piecing together the pieces of me

that had begun to pull apart …

but somehow knit me back together


Be well friends,


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