10.28.18 All That’s Left Unsaid


I dream in ochre gold and brilliant red

enchanting leaf-lined swirls that round my head

and in-between the passing wind through trees

there breathes a hint of magic on the breeze

This time when nights grow long and skies grow dark

when flicker-flames dance boldly from a spark 

silent stars look on a little brighter 

spirits rest – our souls somehow feel lighter

I walk into imagination free

my conscious open to all I might see

the bed of dew and leaves become my trail

I lose myself as space and time prevail 

As beasts of nature and of mind lie still

I find my strength beside my own free will

and in the tempest storms where none could save

in near defeat I finally find my brave

The glisten and the glitter of what may

remind my wandering feet at once to stay 

to feel and deal with feelings as they come

experiencing everything but numb

I dream in vibrant orange and deepest green 

a wonder-waking clarity foreseen

delicious stories waiting to be read

in all that is and all that’s left unsaid 

7 thoughts on “10.28.18 All That’s Left Unsaid

  1. very soothing for the soul–you make what is ahead sound nice——–and we know it is going to be cold. Someone has to make us feel good and it is you Elle

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