10.20.19 Time; Please Be Still


Lately I’ve really been wrestling with Father Time … the inevitability of him ever-moving-on regardless of how I feel about it. So welcome to the inside of my mind, dear readers. Can anyone relate? Please tell me you can.

All my love, and some of my time too,


Time; Please Be Still

Time is a fickle, constant friend

without beginning: without end

and like some fateful lullaby

reduces men to laugh – or cry

for all of Time, in ticks and tocks

ironically denies all clocks

as when we say one day is done

then still, un-slumbering comes the sun

a forceful ally and a foe

Time forces you to stay or go

to move, to push, to try once more

or simply to close tight the door

there is no “wait for me” with Time

he simply comes, and leaves behind

in catching up you have no chance

for Time prefers a solo dance

and in his caper bends and sways 

and leaves you chasing in a daze

for when you reach the place he is

the shadow you reach isn’t his

though cruel in his persistent game

you find you’ll play it all the same

because the gift he does possess 

reminds you of your true distress

that Time is the best friend you know

though in his ways it doesn’t show

still if it weren’t for him, then how

would you appreciate the now?

Time is a fickle, constant friend

without beginning: without end

the longer that I’m in his care

the more his loss I could not bear

so stay with me, and do not leave

though to the past I often cleave

I know your seasons change at will

but just for once Time; please be still

One thought on “10.20.19 Time; Please Be Still

  1. Clever and thought pondering 🙂 It goes by too fast when we are in a place we love e.g. spending time with a friend, or goes too slow when wishing the work day would fly by…hehehe!

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