11.26.19 Forgetful Dreamer



Dreams are vivid creatures

breathing life

to the imagination

of the dreamer

How desperately I wish

I could dwell

in the memory of them

And yet …

sustaining hope

it seems,

is a temporary offer

Dreams –

clear as they seem for a moment



curling themselves into the morning mist

which is hauntingly beautiful one moment

and a fleeting memory the next

The clearer you try to imagine them

the more evasive they become


by nature

are impermanent

They are not meant to last

or to linger

But hover instead

like the filaments of a dying firework –

hanging in a memory of light,

just above your mind …

just beyond your second sight …

yet close enough

to keep you reaching

all the same




11.19.19 Not Alone



“Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
Margaret Mitchell

Sometimes I think that I have it all figured out … and then I realize that I absolutely don’t. I’m not sure if I’m caught somewhere between fate playing with destiny, God trying to teach me a lesson, or the devil trying to mess with me. Am I alone in finding it difficult to tell the difference? Like the weather that is forty degrees different from one day to the next, so too are the waxes and wanes of how my days progress. I can feel like I’m completely “there” one moment, and completely “lost” the next.

Maybe it’s a way of staying humble? Maybe it’s a reminder that we are dependent on more than our own strength? Maybe it is just life! Regardless of what it is, or who it is, I want you to know that if you are too tired to fold the laundry … you’re not alone. If you are about as mentally capable as a celery stalk … you’re not alone. If you are thanking the Lord for the invention of frozen pizza on a Tuesday night … you’re not alone. If you are maybe grateful for the STILL leftover Halloween candy because you just need it today … you’re not alone.


No matter what your mood.

No matter what the weather.

No matter if you are a million miles away …

… my friends … thank you for being at the other end of this post, reading my silly strand of words and reminding me that I’m not alone either.


11.11.19 In Good



Believe in the good

in better than it was before

in will be

in yet

and in always

Believe in wishes

the ones that have come true

the ones that haven’t

the ones that dance on the outermost corners of your imagination

begging to be let out to play

Believe in positivity

find hope in possibility

find tenacity in every sunrise

find perseverance at the core of your obstinate soul

and push who you thought you were to meet a new you

Believe in the spirit

that holds all things finite and infinite together

that breathed life into meaning beyond matter

that carries broken souls and fractured hearts to healing

daring miracles in a world that forgot how to receive them well

Believe in the good

in better late than never

in is now

in here now

in you

11.3.19 Find Cozy



“We are human doings, not beings. We strive and we make and we plan and we do, and at the end of each wearying day, we feel unaccomplished with the amount we’ve achieved, focusing instead on what we absolutely must get done tomorrow. Beautiful ones, I don’t think this was life’s plan.” – “The ABC’s of Cozy” – Bella Grace Cozy Issue 2

I was so thrilled to be “on assignment” for Bella Grace Magazine’s second installment of the Cozy issue! I was asked to write, “The ABC’s and 123’s of Cozy.” Friends … it was a delicious experience going A-Z and 1-10 with ideas, suggestions, and comforting conversation about all the ways we can be cozy!

When we moved into our new place, we found that one of our closets was especially large. My husband, being the prince that he is, didn’t even bat an eye when I asked if we could transform the space into a book nook. We took the door off, painted the trim aqua, got some cool drawers for favorite books and hidden surprises, and created a miniature getaway.

I cannot wait to read the rest of “Cozy” in it! Where do you most like to go to escape? Where do you hide in plain sight? Where do you feel most “yourself?”

Enjoy it! Share it! Send me a picture! Be inspired!