11.3.19 Find Cozy


“We are human doings, not beings. We strive and we make and we plan and we do, and at the end of each wearying day, we feel unaccomplished with the amount we’ve achieved, focusing instead on what we absolutely must get done tomorrow. Beautiful ones, I don’t think this was life’s plan.” – “The ABC’s of Cozy” – Bella Grace Cozy Issue 2

I was so thrilled to be “on assignment” for Bella Grace Magazine’s second installment of the Cozy issue! I was asked to write, “The ABC’s and 123’s of Cozy.” Friends … it was a delicious experience going A-Z and 1-10 with ideas, suggestions, and comforting conversation about all the ways we can be cozy!

When we moved into our new place, we found that one of our closets was especially large. My husband, being the prince that he is, didn’t even bat an eye when I asked if we could transform the space into a book nook. We took the door off, painted the trim aqua, got some cool drawers for favorite books and hidden surprises, and created a miniature getaway.

I cannot wait to read the rest of “Cozy” in it! Where do you most like to go to escape? Where do you hide in plain sight? Where do you feel most “yourself?”

Enjoy it! Share it! Send me a picture! Be inspired!



7 thoughts on “11.3.19 Find Cozy

  1. Love it 🙂 Just got the issue Friday. I will be reading your article first. Usually I save the best for last, including my meals!! But I cannot wait that long to read your article, so it will be first in this case! Wish I had a space like yours where I live. But for now my special space is in my local Barnes & Noble Cafe. When not sharing time with my BN Lady Friends, I put in my ear buds and listen to relaxting music while reading, writing, daydreaming.

  2. I just found you online and have been reading your archived blogs. I’m grateful for the way you are already enriching my life – thank you, Elle! ☕ We live in a little cottagey Tudor house that God has blessedly expanded and contracted for our family’s needs. I changed over our spare room into “the quiet room” with an 1800’s oak pigeonholed desk found on Craigslist, artwork, lots of lighting, an electric fireplace, a bookcase, club chairs and a thrifted warm wool Persian rug for our own little “English” library. It is a sweet space for cozy reflection for me, and my husband often joins me there in the mornings.

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