12.1.19 Words Chasing Me


I have so many stories

and so little time

between poetry, prose, 

free verse and rhyme

and the words swirl about me

in taunting black waves

teasing with hints

of both knights 

and of knaves

There are fantasies curled

beside harrowing tales

where history speaks

and true love never fails

in ink and on paper

in print and on screens

the characters speak to me

with or without means

And their stories

in whispers

trail over my mind

sometimes in fast-forward

and sometimes rewind

Most often I face them

with pen and with thought 

until I am weary 

and quite overwrought 

For who can keep up 

with ideas that flutter

that nip and that tag

that climb on and clutter

Who can tame dreams

who can silence a notion

especially ones 

that cause fervored emotion

Certainly not even fairy or muse

not anyone to whom 

the words simply choose

No rest for the writer 

time wrestles to claim

their sleep hours waking

to gather one’s name

no pause for the clause

phrase or run on that be … 

because I can’t ignore now

the words chasing me

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