12.11.19 Being “Bella”


Being “Bella” is a state of being that I have embraced since the birth of Bella Grace. I have never been so fully captivated by a people group, perspective, or purpose than I am every time I hold these stories, poems, images, and emotions in my hands. Bella Grace has satisfied a longing within my writer’s spirit to contribute to a larger body of voices that empower, inspire, and protect dreamers such as me.

If you too have coveted being a part of a community … let this be your tribe. Join the writers, photographers, idealists, and storytellers. Join the relationships, romance, beauty, and promise of something magically beyond the scope of the everyday. There is a reawakening that happens when you belong to more than that which fills your days – overflow them with grace personified in pages.

This Bella Grace’s winter issue is as enchanting as the season itself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my piece, “Winter’s Undoing.” Please drop me a line, as you, dear friends, have become some of my most precious.

All my love Bellas,


4 thoughts on “12.11.19 Being “Bella”

  1. I, too, found Bella Grace recently and like you, am captivated by it. I find myself longing to go sit, in the quiet, and get lost in its breathtaking pages. After reading your piece, I immediately had to go find your blog on WordPress. Your words were amazing and all your pieces on your blog are equally as wonderful!

  2. Elle, I just love that sign in your photo. Grace upon grace. love love love! I also love Bella Grace magazine and the photography and articles. And most of all, I love your writings. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us!

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