12.25.19 Light and Life


“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” – Alexander Smith

I’ve really been trying to focus on the wonder and holy mystery that IS Christmas this year. I’ve been praying and searching and reflecting on what Christ really did … because without it … time itself would cease to hold relevance. In the rush to capture more, I so often lessen the gravity of two thousand years’ worth of majesty.

The very thought that the God of the universe … who holds time in the expanse of a web of stars, stretched himself into the confines of a life we could emulate and understand – overwhelms me. Jesus Christ is more than a symbol, and his life is the blueprint of salvation. Every small kindness, every simple act of love or expression of gratitude is a building block in the architectural design of God’s plan.

I wish everyone could know this truth, because it brings such peace … peace that transcends and lifts our spirits beyond our circumstances. This holiday season, regardless of what you believe or celebrate, I pray that you allow yourselves to embrace the reality that you matter. You are an ambassador of heaven itself as His creation, and it is your time in history to carry hope.

Love and light to you and all you hold dear, and may your new year be filled with opportunities to give and grow.


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