1.11.20 “Everything”


Some days

like this one

when the news is an endless string of perception

instead of perspective

when conversations coil, and curl, and corrupt

the very thing they were trying to defend

when pain is justified as progress

and things like ethics

or morality

are contorted and twisted into dirty words

replaced by apathetic tolerance 

because caring is too much work

on days like this

I am tired

because Hope is a heavy thing to carry

in a world that’s upside-down

where gravity pulls me to stay grounded

to accept

to comply

Hope is a phosphorescent glow

sometimes too bright

for the dark society prefers

chaos and conflict blending in muted shadow

Hope is an unaccepted truth

when lies are currency

and deceit is received and perceived as fact


some days

like this one

Hope hurts

the way love can

when it’s pure

the way a mind can

when stretched to believe with verity

the way faith can

when it has been shaken

but stands stronger among the debris

Hope is not worth anything

it is worth everything 

and thus

I carry on 

2 thoughts on “1.11.20 “Everything”

  1. Amen and amen. I stand with you beautiful girl. Thank you for speaking up in a world that can bring us down. After all we know the end of the story. Therefore our faith keeps hope alive to reveal the ultimate gift … love remains.

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