2.10.20 Ten Confessions


Confession #1:  This week my son has lost: his book report book, his reading book, his shin guards, and his right soccer shoe (which was in his soccer bag). I am officially about to lose my patience, more money, and my mind … because of him.

Confession #2:   I had an hour to myself because my angel of a friend asked if she could take my crazy-disorganized son to soccer for me. I decided to workout. Three minutes in, my husband called and told me he’d be two hours late. I did not return to my workout, figuring another two hours without him to help WAS a workout.

Confession #3:   My dinner prayer consisted of, “Thank you God for leftovers,” and “Please help me with everything else.”

Confession #4:   It isn’t a dessert day, but Nutella is sweet. I convinced myself since it has hazelnuts, and nuts are protein, I was doing myself a favor by eating some … especially since I didn’t workout. I needed the extra health benefit. Don’t you agree?

Confession #5:   I might have decided that the slightly-sticky bowl from the dishwasher wasn’t that sticky, and put it away fast before thinking about it too much.

Confession #6:   I have lost the ability to sit down when I am eating dinner. I usually stand and empty the dishwasher. (I know you’ll be mad when you read this mom, but let me remind you – you never sat either, and still don’t! So don’t be mad.) Today, even with my family gone in different directions, I still stood. Is it weird to have to re-train yourself how to sit?

Confession #7:   Sometimes I fold extra laundry just to give myself the opportunity to rewatch episodes of Gilmore Girls. I feel like Rory and Lorelai would be proud of this secret sneaky multitasking. If only I could live in Stars Hollow … oh the delight I’d have staying at the Dragonfly Inn and writing at Luke’s Diner.

Confession #8:   I am planning to offer to put the kids to bed tonight, because then I’ll get to lay down next to them. When, I’ll wake up a few hours later,  it will be “too late” to accomplish anything more. This may or may not be a regular planned occurrence.

Confession #9:  When I find my son’s shin guards, and book, and other book … I am going to charge him three dollars for my time. Maybe five. He recently told me that when he was a little, he once “lost something” on purpose because he knew I’d say, “First one to find the missing item gets a dollar.” Punk! On second thought … make it ten!

Confession #10:   I secretly wish against wish that you’ll share a confession of parenthood, marriage, or just LIFE IN GENERAL, with me because it’ll make me feel less like I’m in confession, and more like I’m chatting with friends who unequivocally “get” me.

Your turn,

Exhausted Elle

14 thoughts on “2.10.20 Ten Confessions

  1. Elle, I found myself nodding, giggling, and groaning along with almost every confession you have listed above. How relatable! Here’s mine: I haven’t properly cleaned my house in several weeks’ time. At this point, the mere idea of undertaking a thorough clean feels more than a bit overwhelming. So, I continue to surface clean while prioritising other tasks. I once had a fridge magnet that said, “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” I have been reminding myself of that several times a day. Perhaps tomorrow will be different. 😉

    • Oh I hope you don’t clean it sweetness! Surface clean is clean, adventure on dear heart ❤️ and tell me all about it! Thank you for always being able to relate! God knows I need my kindred spirits!

  2. Today I realized the roof has yet another leak Then an hour after taking my son to school he called and asked me to come get him because of a bloody nose. Finally my husband had to leave again for work. Done with it all, I sent myself to timeout in my room to do yoga. There I cried all through my practice and magically felt better after.

    • Water has healing powers that way! I’m so sorry your day was such a … well … day! Thank you so much for sharing! I think there’s grace in knowing you aren’t burdened alone.

  3. Confession 1 of too many…I miss you AND I missed your call this weekend. I had every intention of calling back and the weekend slipped by too fast 😢 We’ll chat soon my friend. We are in the same boat 😘

  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings Elle, but it gets tougher. I’m the Mom of the sweetest son in the world who is now struggling with a whole string of challenges as a Dad. I can’t tuck him in anymore, just reassure him that he’s loved and his Mom is standing in the corner with a towel to all up the blood. Love that little boy, sweet lady, the time is so short.

  5. oh Elle, I am empty nester and teacher and just laughed at your confessions cause it never changes what age we are. 🙂 I confess I have laundry monsters in my basement. It magically shows up and I decided to not sort and throw it all in and turn it on. How does laundry do that when you have folded the last load and go down to put basket away and there are more clothes on the floor.

  6. Hi Elle! I think this is the first time ever I’m commenting on any blog. I’ve been reading your writing in Bella Grace and lately your blog as well. I love your blog (and what you’ve written for Bella Grace)! I have a blog that I started years ago, but I’m just now finding my way and discovering what I really want it to look like. Your blog gives me inspiration because it’s sort of along the same lines of what I want to share on mine – basically…life. Thank you for helping me realize I can write about anything that comes from the heart.

    My confession is that over the past week, my “daily” walks have not exactly been daily. I’ve been using the time instead to do more writing. I know that my walks are important, too, though, so I’m starting to get back into that, while also continuing to write. But I’ve given myself permission to take a day off from walking sometimes to break the routine and do something else for a change.

    I hope you continue to write. Your blog is on my reading list. 🙂


  7. Confession: I am not sure my coat closet actually has a floor. The 2 feet of accumulated hats,gloves,boots,tennis rackets,board games,wrapping paper rolls, umbrellas I can never find, and a thousand other items reproduce every time I get close to seeing bottom.

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