4.16.20 All in All

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It’s been a week. A rough one … filled with: soap in my eye, choking on mouthwash, typos, miscommunications, my 110 lb. dog stepping on my foot and badly bruising it, past-midnight work emails, too-early alarms, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinners, bought the wrong percent of milk, missed a call, forgot to call, laundry eating-me-alive, other dog ate a notebook, forgot to water the Hydrangeas, sinus headaches, don’t -have-time-to-finish the chapter, battery died before I could finish the slideshow, what’s that smell in the fridge, who’s mess is this, coffee spilled on a white chair, two spiders in my bathroom, is that a hairball, where did these feathers come from, no you can’t sleep on the couch, fine you can sleep on the couch, wake up and take your contacts out, no hun – you’re not going blind … you didn’t put your contacts in, I think I’m losing my mind, why would you do that are you crazy, dog ate a rice crispy treat, fish died, where did this hive come from, is this allergies or Covid, why are your showers fifty minutes, congratulations you’re out of soap, and now we’re out of paper towel, just used the last of my sugar, no you didn’t put the seat down, I’m so proud you took care of that zit by yourself, what do you mean why should I wear my glasses, cut your fingernails you look like a alley cat, caterpillars everywhere, wind broke a tree in half, we have more weeds than grass, that costs how much, no you cannot have another treat, fine have another treat, are these pickles still good, why does the pizza taste funny, hey mom … never mind, give me five more minutes, I mean ten more minutes, sorry guys – I know it’s been an hour, is my hair getting thinner, is my waist getting fatter, are my wrinkles getting deeper, it’s too hot in here, it’s too cold in here, my order arrived broken, the store is STILL out of toilet paper, yes I see the dog has dreadlocks, no they’re not taking grooming appointments, I’m sorry for trying to shake hands, ewww the dog just farted, you are not allergic to bees, yes you do need to reapply deoderant, please practice the piano, please STOP practicing the piano, no your sister cannot watch that show, yes your brother does need some time to himself, please let out the dog, please let in the dog, well … go find the dog, no you cannot eat Ramen again, what do you mean your digital music class asked you to drum, why are you working as long as I am when you’re in fifth grade, EAT OVER YOUR PLATE, don’t interrupt my meeting to ask for something in the Amazon cart, what do you mean you think you brushed your teeth today, I have four meetings in a row, I think I’m going blind from all the screen time on my computer, is this what date night looks like now, no I don’t want to talk about our budget, I think I need some frosting … no, don’t bother with the graham crackers – just bring a spoon, stop touching her, get your foot out of my face, did you pray, well you’d better, no I don’t know what that Japanese word means, yes of course I’d like to see another magic trick, don’t worry I’ll put the kids to bed since you passed out at seven, yes you can have another last snack of the night, go read the dog a book, can’t stop yawning, eyes are burning, I think I’ll take a bath, if I took a bath I’d fall asleep and drown, oh my goodness … it’s already midnight again, I’ll read one last email from a student I had six years ago

Mrs. Harris: Photo above attached, “Best teacher I ever had was …”

Him: “Without a doubt you! Miss you.”

All in all … not a bad week.


7 thoughts on “4.16.20 All in All

  1. I have always enjoyed your writings in Bella Grace. While we are watching health care workers cry because their team had to make an unbelievable decision deciding who should receive the best treatment and who should be made as comfortable as possible while we watch their breathing chest collapse, I have absolutely no feeling toward this writing. Whatever happened to loving the ordinary life and making the best of it? Erma Bombeck pulled off stories like this in her day and was awarded many laughs. I have pulled out every issue of Belle Grace during this masked and shelter time. Everyday I pick up a different issue and read several pages. So calming, apathetic and real!! After reading your latest piece, I so want to tell you about the day the family from Columbus, Ohio who virtually watched, last Monday, their son breathe his last breath while he was alone. Hope you have a good day… appreciate your crazy life, but please don’t write about it again.

    • Anne:

      Thank you for taking the time to write me and may I please apologize for the tone that may have been implied. I believe that when we are hurting it is important to be able to laugh at ourselves in the midst of the chaos and that was what I was trying to do. When my student sent that email, it brought me back to who and what matters most … people and relationships. If you have read my posts the past weeks then you too will see that I grieve and I feel deeply for every aching heart and situation. I am not minimizing anyone’s experience and I will continue to pray for healing of mind, body, and spirit for all. I am only human in the midst of this strange world as well, and life is a blend of both the reflective and the day to day. I am sorry this piece was not what you needed at this time. I guess, as a writer who thinks and feels so deeply and so often, I needed to laugh at myself and discover the blessing in it.

      Best and thank you again.

  2. I love how you purposefully choose the happiness and blessings in each day even when things don’t always go as we would hope for them to. In this time where everyone is struggling in their own way, looking for those “gems” in each day to outshine the difficulties is so necessary. Thank you for reminding us that we are always so blessed and to discover those treasured moments of our day to day lives

  3. Looks like my week is off to a rough start already. I had a comment typed…and then completely deleted it by accident! Take two!

    As a former teacher myself, I can relate to how you must have felt when you read the email from your former student. Also, I appreciate your honesty. I think you expressed what a lot of people are feeling. I could feel your frustrations as I was reading what you wrote, but at times it made me laugh…especially the parts about the dog. 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and reminding us what matters most.

    • Meezan! Thank you so much for this message. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed to retype things! Stay strong, healthy, and find smiles to share! Blessings sweet friend!

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