4.21.20 Tenacity


“Carry each other’s burdens.” Galatians 6:2

My favorite illustrator and great friend, P. Marin, once posted her word of the year … I fell in love with it and, after seeing it, asked if she could illustrate my favorite word on commission. Thus, this delightful little creature was born! P. Marin said, “It’s you,” and I’ve never been so flattered!

So … from her and I … hang on friends … this won’t last forever and we believe you’ve got all the grace, moxie, and tenacity to carry on. If you’re feeling weak or overwhelmed, send me a note and I’ll send some words to shield you. I’m hanging on, and until you can strengthen your grip, let others help carry you. All my love.



8 thoughts on “4.21.20 Tenacity

  1. Love this word it has been a struggle this past week I miss my students. I want to have tea dates etc I had to let myself grieve and be sad. This week I am moving forward with grit.

  2. Earlier this year, even before we were in the midst of a pandemic, I chose “messy” as my word of the year. Little did I know just how messy life would get! My goal was to blog about the messy side of life regularly through writing and photography, which I have yet to do. I guess life has gotten a bit too messy for me to blog about it. Lol. However, the word and concept have stuck with me. I’m trying to embrace the messy side of life and realize that there is beauty in imperfection.

    • I love This! Thank you so much for sharing. I always say that life is a beautiful mess. I would love to read your blog when it is up and coming. Don’t worry about it not being good enough, just begin! I’ll bet that it will be an absolutely perfect abstract painting of words.

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