4.28.20 Dear Time Traveler


Dear Time Traveler

I know full well you may

in fact

only exist in my imagination


even there

you are real enough for me to make my request

Teach me to traverse time

to find myself back in moments I cling desperately to

that ultimately  f   a   d   e

as the clock ticks ever on

And if you cannot teach me –

take me with you

just once

to see him

to see her

to remember the exact notes of his laugh

to feel the acute pressure of holding her

to delight in fingers laced I never planned on letting go

Whether or not you are …

whether or not you will …

I will remain yours

holding fast to the hope

of the help

only you can give

8 thoughts on “4.28.20 Dear Time Traveler

  1. I resolve to go with you there, to that place. The place were laughter and joy ring true. Once more, I too will go.

  2. Beautiful words and I love the photo with the door slightly open, too! Shadows and light are fun to play with in photography. They can make the most ordinary objects come to life. 🙂

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