5.30.20 Fight Like Static

Sometimes I think I understand how

s   t   a   t   i   c    feels – 

like a broken signal

like a haze of fog

crackling and hissing in constant interruption

in search of a connection that doesn’t exist




I intercept only broken and fractured 


shattered bits of story

punctuating burning lines of song

And my mind goes gray

clouds replacing clarity

as I desperately try to hear 

a word of peace

amidst the suffocation of 

in-between voices


in-between agendas

There can be no tuning in

to a world that feeds on fire

to a nation raging on every side

And my heart 


And my head 


And for a moment I almost let go

turn off

stop feeling

But I was raised with the courage to carry on

no matter what compassion costs me

So I fight 

like static

to hear the voices that rise

to find the passions that stir

to hope that I’m not the only one out there

still trying

to make sense 

of the noise

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