6.27.20 Sugar and Stars

This was a commissioned piece for a mother to her daughter … but I thought all the lovely young summer girl hearts out there needed to hear it. Thank you sweet Jocelyn for inspiring it. Catch your dreams beautiful … they await you.


She is made of sugar and stars half of her heart beats ethereal, spinning above circumstances toward dreams

Spending time like she holds it in abundance
hers is a mind occupied
with feathers and wishes
ocean breezes and windows that carry stories of history –
and of lighter times … when the world made more sense than now

Halves of two wholes
her days are shared both in reality
and aspiration
imagining what precious world could be waiting for her just around a bend of years
just around a series of questions yet to be lived through

To dreamers as she,
who dwell in tea party thoughts
and long days that taste of raspberries, life is nothing if not hopeful

There is no doubt that certain stars shine brighter
just to tempt her with the promise of the possibilities they hold performing in the sky today for her alone
calling her with the understanding
that she is one of their own
and her sweet existence
is nothing short of divine

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