7.30.20 Tomorrow

As a writer who focuses on the whimsical, deep, and beautiful … who tries to surround herself with elements of faith, and wonder, and magic … can I just say it’s a bit of a reality check when life happens?

Last night I captured this image of a halo moon. I imagined the incandescent symbolism behind a night sky lit with a golden echo. It was magnificent. It was a moment I was so, so blessed to catch because tonight … well … tonight I need to hold onto the truth that the moon is still out there, even if it is hidden by the clouds. The wishes I wished were still spoken … even if today they seem farther from coming true than they ever have. The feeling of peace was real then … even if I don’t feel it now.

Today was hard, and then harder … but the moon is still out there, and the stars, and a piece of peace I’ll chase again tomorrow.

Love. Always love.


One thought on “7.30.20 Tomorrow

  1. Elle, I just read this. I don’t know what’s wrong in your world or what has made it go tilt, but I sense the hurt of it, the heaviness of heart, the search for answers that extends from here to the skies. Keep your eyes looking up with your steps firmly planted in faith as you reach your hands up to God who is already reaching down to you. He knows it all. he holds your heart. He will not fail. Not now. Not ever.

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