11.4.20 Lost and Found

The worst possible reality was hers – she had just received the news that her daughter died. Had just gone through the funeral. Had just tried to return to something as “normal” as a soccer game … with the deep seated reality that nothing would ever be normal again. That was where I found her.

After the awkward, fragile niceties, I broached the impossible question, “How are you?”

“All I want to do is talk about her,” she said. “People don’t know if they should bring her up or not, but I want to remember everything. She was my best friend.”

I had nothing to offer her aside from my tears – my tears and a memory.

“I’ll never forget the first time I met her,” I handed over my words gently, wrapping the moment in my softest tone. I remember her eyes – hungry with hope, with desire for any fragment of a memory I could give her. “She climbed in my lap and touched my freckles. Then she told me I had a lot of polka-dots.”

And she laughed.

And I laughed.

And I knew it was the bereavement gift she needed.

I believe the most precious commodity we have to give, to trade, and most importantly to keep, are memories. The immeasurable value in giving a hidden chapter to a story you thought was over … what could possibly matter more than that? What could ever replace the value of another page? Another line? Another word spoken from a “voice” you never thought you’d hear from again?

I’m writing to ask a favor. Please share a memory … no matter how small or insignificant you think the interaction might be. Send the picture, share the card with their signature, and always tell the story. Keep trading the hope of memories lost, and found.

2 thoughts on “11.4.20 Lost and Found

  1. Elle,

    I really don’t know why you touched my life in the way you did. Maybe it was your listening ear, your kind heart, or the gentleness of your spirit; BUT I will never forget the plane ride where we shared as complete strangers our stories, passions, and life. I know nothing happens by chance. I believe it was a divine encounter that God wanted us to have. And so I still believe it was an encounter that was meant to connect you with my sister, Deb Freehafer Teague. Hope you guys can make it clear to catch up with each other sometime. She has a book that I left to give to you that I believe will bless you and give you some insights to write on. Once again thank you for stirring my spirit and reminding me to share memories with others. Revelations 12:11.

    Good bless,
    Dale Schmidt

    • It was such a delight to know you and I cannot wait to meet her as soon as our schedules match! Hugs and blessings my friend! Thank you so much for your continued influence on my life. Carry on!

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