12.16.20 Words


can be frightfully insufficient things

especially when you need them to mean more

or less

especially in the wake of what you didn’t mean to say

or did

but wish you didn’t 

And whether you form them 

into long sentences that ribbon and curl with intention

Or punctuate them in short, sharp points you made

and can’t take back

they remain too much

they remain not enough

leaving you full

and somehow completely empty 

all at once

5 thoughts on “12.16.20 Words

  1. Oh Dear God, just before I started to read these thoughts which Elle shares here, I was feeling it inside of me.
    Like my prayer to you “Please forgive me Father for what I have said or not said, what I have done or not done…”
    Thank you Elle. I need now to spend some time meditating on this, and pray for guidance in all my thoughts, words and deeds.

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