12.25.20 Nostalgic

“Does it always hurt this much,” she asked.

“Yes, it does,” I assured her.

“I just love their ages so much right now … it’s just going too fast.”

“I know. And it will keep going. Just snuggle them up, and keep holding on.”

This was a recent conversation one of my closest friends and I had. I always feel especially nostalgic around Christmas … maybe because I have fourteen years’ worth of proof lining my window sills of just how quickly Father Time passes us by. This year, my son gave me coupons for favors, but the one that said, “A hug whenever you ask for one,” also said, “Never expires – can use without coupon!” I melted.

As I read the story of the very first Christmas to my family today, I realized I wasn’t alone. Twice the passage from Luke 2 said, “And Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Even the mother of God reflected on the precious and few moments and memories of her son’s too-short life. I can’t imagine the strength it must have required for her to know, even on the day of his birth, that his life was meant for everyone else.

I pray that you are feeling nostalgic, that you wish on the ancient light that led Hope to us all. May you dwell in the magic, mystery, and majesty of God’s greatest gift this Christmas and always. Rest in the love that heaven made incarnate.

4 thoughts on “12.25.20 Nostalgic

  1. Such a wonderful message, especially for Christmas this year, when so many of us are separate from those we love.
    Mary knew that she would one day lose her Son.
    I have the privilege of being Mum to 2 wonderful young men, and was able to see them today, but not HUG them. I found that so difficult; but at least we were together on Christmas Day.
    Thank you for always bringing us back to the real message, and what is most important to remember.
    Queen Elizabeth, here in the UK addressed this movingly in her speech to the Nation. If you get a chance to listen, it’s lovely.
    Thank you so much.
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas and New Year…

    • Thank you so much Sue, for taking the time to share this with me. I cannot describe the gift it is to know how words can tie our hearts together. Be blessed. Hugs will return! Keep the faith! Love to you and your boys! 🎄Elle

  2. What adorable photos! I turned 70 this year… and as I watch my 3 daughters with young children of their own… I miss the days of their childhood… the most special days of my life. I still treasure each moment I have with them & my 5 grandchildren. Being a mom has always been such a blessing! ❤️

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