1.20.21 The Beautiful In-Betweens

“In a paradoxical blush of cool hands and warm cheeks, warm nights with cool breezes, winter makes her entrance with dramatic grace and patience. There are so many beguiling experiences that, like the coming of a new season, only live in the in-between places of ourselves.”

I am honored to be featured in Bella Grace Magazine’s Winter Issue 26! From start to finish, this bookzine is filled with delighting in the magical aspects of the every day. My article focuses on looking at those in-between places in our lives that transition us from here to there. I’d LOVE to hear if you read it, and if so, which in-between time resonated most with you.

All my love,


5 thoughts on “1.20.21 The Beautiful In-Betweens

  1. Dear Elle,

    The beauty of your work found me through the pages of Bella Grace. Particularly a piece in titled “She“.

    I try to buy their summer issue now that I know them better. Being a Southern California girl of 75, spring and summer resonate with me more than winter or fall. However, your verse is always beautiful. I enjoy it wherever and whenever I encounter it. Thank you for your work.

    Be well and stay safe.
    Warm regards, Terry

    Breathe. Repeat.

  2. Hi…I am living in an in between time right now.
    Moved to a new state, husband passed, sons are grown, unfamiliar community all around learning to make new friends at 60. Ha!
    Some days are harder than others, but words like yours come to visit me through magazines like Bella and my mood is instantly lifted and the shattered dreams that I passionately hold on to which has turned my in between time into a hollowed hole, motivates me to hold on ardently as I embrace the chance that life has allotted me to begin again.
    Oh and did I say, I was recent diagnosed with utterances cancer?

    Thanks so much for your visit.

    • Joyce,

      My prayers are with you dear friend! Truly. There is a beautiful plan you cannot yet see. Stay strong and safe knowing you matter, and not only for your past, but your future as well.


  3. Elle, I read this article in the Bella Grace magazine! It recently inspired me to write about the story my own hands tell in a recent blog post. You can find my writing at windyhill.home.blog on WordPress. I mention your story and you as the author. I have not published this piece yet. It is in draft. Do i need to do anything else to give you credit? I did not quote you directly. Thanks,

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