1.27.21 What’s Next

What’s Next

I am a what’s next girl

for better … 

or worse

It is something I am equally proud



embarrassed of

While delighted in every new 

light (and sometimes too bright)


I also cannot settle

Is it an asset? 

A flaw? 

Am I curating curiosity? 

Or chasing the thrill 

of a thread that never ends?

Am I incomplete somehow? 

Or … somewhere? 


And no.

And does it matter if I’ll never know?

My heart throbs with an urgency 

to do

to create

to run and build and learn

My mind spins with a frantic need

to write

to read

to pray and meditate and understand that I never will

I want answers

but find they matter less than my questions

I want to get there

but not as much as I want to explore

From wander 

to wish

and back again

I come and go

inside and outside 

skipping stones across my imagination

and feeling the ripples in reality, 

until only one question remains – 

What’s next? 

8 thoughts on “1.27.21 What’s Next

  1. Your words, your thoughts are like raindrops and rainbows. It amazes me how your thoughts, turned into words for me to ponder and end up realizing it sounds like me, but without the ability to put those parts of me into my mind’s view then able to express them with the right words!
    Thank you Elle 🙂


  2. Elle… Im 72 and still live in « what’s next-ville. » it’s truly what keeps me young and engaged…the container for my soul may be 72, but within i am 25 and here to save the world! Or at least the East coast! I love your spirit!

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