3.13.21 Beyond

Sometimes I wish that we lived in a world where there weren’t quite so many conventions … so many “unwritten” rules of decorum and what is or is not: expected, accepted, or normalized. This is where children have it right. They rush into conversation with reckless abandon, all tangled hair and thoughts … all colorful, vibrant questions. I want to meet someone and push beyond the “getting to know you” phase immediately. I want to grab their hand, look directly into their eyes, and ask them if the ocean calls their spirit like it does mine. I want to know if they too feel magic in the wind and believe in the possibility that Fate and Destiny like to play.

But those are not ordinary questions, and so instead, I fear many of us remain on the surface … knowing, but also not knowing each other fully. I want to live in a world where those kinds of questions don’t end in a quandary of someone looking at me as though I am not “fully sane.” Why can’t we know? Why can’t we ask? Why can’t we feel fully and cannonball into grand discussions edged in gold, instead of politely tiptoeing around generalities that keep us shallowly acceptable?

Can I just say … I’d love to fight normal? I’d love to wrestle the glass barriers of the mundane in preference of the glorious, curious questions I wish I could ask. What invokes passion in you? What draws you to the edge of yourself? Do you believe our mortal bodies contain immortal relevance and what in this glorious, terrible life has led you to your conclusions?

Albeit to say, I would irrevocably love to push beyond to the good stuff … but the world might have to spin a little faster (or maybe it’s slower) before that happens. And yet, if you find yourself in need of a little bit more … of a little bit deeper … just know there’s someone out there who feels the same and is happy to follow your wondering, wandering thoughts. Beyond seems like an awfully enchanting place to go.

Come with me?


8 thoughts on “3.13.21 Beyond

  1. Elle, I believe this world is possible and it starts with us being real and vulnerable, even though society or the devil tells us to keep to ourselves. People will only go as far as you go. I was challenged one time at a Men’s retreat to “raise the bar” or in other words be willing to open yourself up to others. Pull the shades and curtains back of the real you. Share the questions you have or the things you don’t understand……. it’s in this opening up of yourself that others will follow. When we let others see that we don’t have it all figured up and that we are at times just as messed up as others that real and authentic conversations take place. The kind of conversations that we long for. So go ahead and raise the bar Elle.
    God bless! Dale

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I have always had a tough time with small talk, or moving beyond small talk into conversations about something more real, more substantial. I find it’s much easier to delve deeper into a conversation than to stay on the surface. I have learned that many don’t share my comforts and choose to remain on the surface. Yet, from time to time, I meet someone who does, and I cherish those connections. I hope to never lose my belief in those special, daring people, and to continue to seek those who drop all reservations to seek what is beyond the facade.

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