3.24.21 Springing Forward by Looking Back

“In a year that has felt both impossibly long and frozen – an immobile collection of repeating days – it can seem difficult to look forward. A new season is upon us and yet it is the same season when, for many of us, this entire shift of ‘the world as we knew it’ began. So what are we to do with spring? How can we advance bravely into the possibility of what we hope for when things appear no different? It’s simple – we look back. Take a bit of time to dwell in your ever-present treasure of memories. Spring is a time of reflections, new directions, and growth. Let the garden of your mind harvest sweet blossoms, and make yourself an enchanting bouquet of thoughts.”

– Excerpt from Springing Forward by Looking Back, Bella Grace Issue 27

I hope that you will take some time to explore Bella Grace’s Spring Issue! It is filled with all things lovely and has so many refreshing suggestions to reset your spirit! As always, it is an honor to write for my absolute favorite magazine in the entire world!

Happy Spring my darlings! Here’s to new beginnings!


9 thoughts on “3.24.21 Springing Forward by Looking Back

  1. Dear Elle,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you a very happy and healthy Spring and a gentle return to a more normal life.

    I had the pleasure of being included in the spring issue of Bella Grace as well, “A Brief Visit to a Calmer Past“, I know I’m in very good company because you are warm hearted writer & observer of life. It was very exciting to be published for the first time.

    I look forward over the coming years to reading many more of your lovely pieces. Stay positive.

    Be well.
    Warm regards, Terry

    Breathe. Repeat.

  2. I have been sad this Spring. I think last year has caught up with me. All the loss, the isolation, the effort to stay safe. I just want to sit on the curb and cry.

  3. Thank YOU, beautiful Elle (heart and soul). You are such a blessed gift.
    I appreciate the reminders to remember happy memories. We can also find ways to create new ones in our strange new world, and start by noting all the things we can be grateful for…
    The rain to nourish our earth
    the sunshine to brighten our days
    the smiles we receive and the smiles we give
    for the tough times to make us grateful for good times
    for music to stir our souls
    our families and friends we love, and who love us
    I am most grateful for our loving God, for Jesus who gave his life for us; and…
    for all the wonderful people in my life including those who don’t even like me because they are still a gift.

  4. I just had to look up the remarkable woman who (or whom; this one that always drives me crazy and my mother never get this wrong even with Alzheimer’s😁) is capable of writing in a way that I know my mom will appreciate also as a storyteller and visual writer; now in her early stage of Alzheimer’s and throughout! As I read your words out loud to myself this morning I was captured and enveloped (like a big gentle hug that makes you feel safe) into a peaceful moment of days gone by and days to come 💜🙏🏻💜! I truly can’t express what sharing your words of life have done for me and what they will do for my mom for hopefully quite a long time 🥰. May God continue to bless you and your gift of words and may you treasure every moment, even and especially the hard ones with your loved ones!!

    Blessings and Great Appreciation,

    Heather 🥰🙏🏻💞

    • Heather … I am in tears at the gift of your words. I’m so honored and I cherish them more than you could ever know. It is the idea that sometimes words find just the right spirit that keeps me writing. I will pray for you and your beautiful mother … for your relationship and your journey as it travels uphill with a diagnosis I wish neither of you had to face … and yet … love. Love will prevail.

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